ClairvoyantsThe Clairvoyants are an Austrian mentalist duo who arrived here at Caesars Windsor on Friday (May 24) to perform on stage for an all-ages show.  Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass have impressed judges on America’s Got Talent, especially the hard to please critic, Simon Cowell and even spooked out comedian Howie Mandel. They are currently on a 2019 world-wide tour and will be jet-setting all the way back to Austria soon!

With a packed house, there was a lot going on in the show from a Jelly bean prediction that left you with a sweet-tooth to an intricate puzzle board trick done by Thommy with precision and skill.

In one of the acts, two audience members were chosen at random and made a rather psycho-kinetic connection which really left the crowd with their jaws dropped.

The audience interaction throughout the night was absolutely hilarious from an older lady commenting how she liked “balls” (she was holding a large blue beach ball on stage) to a feisty woman who was ready to shake her booty.  Thommy had a lot of subtle comedic elements that brought the show to another level and sporting to the crowd his cute doggy socks.  It’s always nice when performers don’t take themselves too seriously all the time.

I could also really appreciate that both Thommy and Amélie didn’t just utilize the crowd at the front either, they made the effort to climb the stairs and seek out other random participants scattered throughout the Caesars auditorium. A simple gesture, but one that didn’t get overlooked.

The real beauty about mentalism and performers like The Clairvoyants is that these acts don’t need extravagant props or even very many at all.  Anyone can learn the secrets, that’s just part of the fun, but in the performing realm, it’s not solely about “how did they do that?”  It goes way beyond that mentality.

It does require a high level of skill, patience, connection, and let’s be honest, the grand ability to make the impossible seem possible.

All photos by Dan Savoie






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