Soulful blues singer/saxophonist Vanessa Collier is headed to Southwestern Ontario for shows in Chatham and Windsor this weekend thanks to the Canada South Blues Society. The Texas musician hits the stage at the KBD Hall in Chatham on Friday night (April 27) and in Windsor at Rockstar Music Hall on Saturday (April 28).

The five-time Blues Music Award nominee is touring to support her latest release Honey Up available on Phenix Fire Records. It’s her fourth studio album and the second for Phenix Fire. Next month, she’s up for two awards at the Blues Music Awards show ‘Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year’ and ‘Instrumental – Horn Player of the Year’. She’ll be at the 40th Blues Music Awards show on Thursday, May 9 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Vanessa checked in with 519 ahead of her Southwestern Ontario shows to chat about music, the blues and her passion for the sax.

Tickets for both shows are still available at the respective venues.

Where and when did the blues find you?
That's really early?
You graduated from Berkeley College of Music, but its not blues that you graduated with!
Most of the blues comes from the heart. How does education and the heart mix?
I bet those production skills from college come into play when you're in a studio?
Is it hard to hold back when you're working with someone and you notice that they don't do something your way?
Talking about your music, the sax isn't a popular blues instrument.
Does a sax have that same intimacy as a guitar?
Guitar players like to collect guitars, do sax players collect saxophones?
The sax you've been playing for the last 15-16 years is that your Lucille?
It takes a certain maturity in your soul to sing the blues!
Tell me about Honey Up.
How is the album different from the first ones?
What does the producer in you want to do with Vanessa the artist?
Do you struggle with producer vs the artist?
What do you bring to the blues world as a woman?

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