Brendan Scott Friel519 Magazine is proud to launch a new series, where Southwestern Ontario entertainers can strip down and perform NAKED.

Now hold on… we don’t mean it the way you are thinking right now. NAKED is just another way to describe an intimate and acoustic performance. Some call it unplugged, others call it stripped down and some refer to It simply as acoustic – we call it NAKED.


Did it get your attention? That’s what we’re hoping. Our Southwestern Ontario entertainers need the “exposure” to get their music heard and are looking for your support in the months and years ahead. Performing NAKED is one way we at 519 can help out. You can help by subscribing to our YouTube channel to check out the NAKED performances and following the links to get more information on the incredible entertainers we present in the future.

To kick it all off, we got Windsor’s Brendan Scott Friel and The Bishop Boys to GET NAKED for you in the videos below. Check out the videos below and don’t forget to follow our YouTube page for more upcoming NAKED sessions – and be sure to follow these two incredible and passionate local performers.


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