Broken Social SceneThis story and interview first appeared in the September issue of 519 Magazine. Pick up a copy at more than 300 locations in Southwestern Ontario or check it out online.

Broken Social Scene is a bit of a phenom in the Canadian scene. The musical collective, known for being the breeding grounds of popular singers like Feist and Emily Haines of Metric, took a bit of a break and have returned with a new album and a new tour. The band is bringing their Hug Of Thunder tour to the 519 for a show at Olde Walkerville Theatre on Saturday September 15.

Hug Of Thunder is the band’s first release in more than 7 years and the tour is their first all-out tour in more than five. When they hit Windsor, the band, which can sometimes reach as many as 19 members on stage, will be bringing a cast of eight with them (Ariel Engle, Andrew Whiteman, Charles Spearin, Brendan Canning, David French, Kevin Drew, Sam Goldberg Jr. and Justin Peroff).

“Despite everyone having their own independence, we’ve always treated the band as a friendship-based unit,” Canning told 519 Magazine. “So whatever new and exciting things are coming into everyone’s world and all the successes that may come with a solo career, that friendship is what brings us back together.”

Phog Lounge and Happy Little Crowd Productions present Broken Social Scene at Olde Walkerville Theatre in Windsor on Saturday September 15. Tickets are $35.

Check out interview clips from our interview:

1. Hugs of Thunder has been a really long wait. Where did you guys go?
2. What brought you back to make this new album?
3. Hugs of Thunder is a really neat title. What does that mean to you?
4. How about the cover. It’s an interesting piece of art.
5. As a collective, the songwriting environment must be a little different than an average band sitting together writing songs.
6. Many bands can go through members, but as a collective, you guys seem to keep those connections even after people have solo careers.
7. Feist, Metric and even Pavement are a few of the success stories derived from BSS. How do those bands fit into the BSS world now?
8. You guys really were the supergroup long before supergroups became cool.
9. When the band was started, was it started as a regular band or was it always intended to be a collective?
11. It’s definitely been a long wait for Windsor to get a show.
13. Who will be in the band when you visit Windsor?
14. That's very cool that you incorporate a local musician.
12. With so many members, you guys need a big stage. Is that a factor when you book a show?


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