Saskatoon rockers One Bad Son are on the road again and this time they’re heading to Windsor for a gig at The Dominion House Tavern on Friday (Nov. 10). The band is out supporting their latest release Made In The Name of Rock ‘N Roll and the rock hit Raging Bull.

This week YQG Rocks had the chance to chat with one of the band’s founding members, guitarist Adam Hicks, who was at home in Saskatchewan gearing up for the tour.
“There’s a pile of snow on the ground, so yeah it sure feels like I’m home,” Hicks chuckled. “It’s been a few years since we’ve been to Windsor, so we’re stoked to get out there and play some of the new songs for everyone.”


Made In The Name of Rock ‘N Roll is a giant leap for the rockers. It’s bigger, louder and sounds like a classic arena rock album begging for audiences to sing along to. The straight ahead and honest record wasn’t by chance though. Hicks says every song was written and created as a band with the vision of creating a larger album than they’ve done before.

“Our writing style was a bit different on this record,” he said. “This time out everyone was involved with everyone’s instrument. We all worked on lyrics more than we’ve ever done before and we took a very organic approach to writing it. We put ourselves into this record 100% and we did it as a whole – there’s no individuality in it whatsoever – it’s all One Bad Son, the band and I’m proud of all of us for doing it.”

The end result is an album with a bigger sound, shorter songs and some rock radio friendly material. The first single Raging Bull rose to the top of the Canadian music charts in May, ahead of the October album and was followed up with the album’s highlight Scream For Me, a satisfyingly crunchy modern rocker.

“We thought it was time to go big and make an album that sounds like the band we want to be,” Hicks added. “We aren’t afraid to say we want to be big in other country’s other than Canada. We want to be able to come back home and be bigger and bigger every time. We’re going to be heading to new territory this time with shows in Germany and the US.”
Much of the big rock sounds of the new album comes from veteran producer Gavin Brown (Tragically Hip, Billy Talent, Barenaked Ladies).

“We wanted a big, loud catchy album and Gavin Brown helped us achieve that,” Hicks said. “I think this is the record we’ve always wanted to do. We’re excited about how it sounds and the reaction has been great so far. Any time a band evolves, you always worry about how people will react, but I think our fans have always known this is the band we’ve been wanting to be.”

One Bad Son started the Fall 2017 tour in October and they should be in pristine shape when they hit the stage at the Dominion House on Friday. They’ll also introduce new bass player Steve Adams, who recently replaced long-time member Adam Grant who recently left the band.

Tickets are $10 in advance and are available at and the Dominion House Tavern at 3140 Sandwich Street.


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