Buckcherry London Music Hall 2022London Music Hall welcomed Buckcherry with guests Rubikon, After the Lounge and Heart Attack Kids this past Wednesday June 29.

Local act Heart Attack Kids were up first and got the crowd going with a frenetic set of Forest City hard rock that would please any head banger. It was a night for London bands with rockers After The Lounge taking the stage next and delivering some classic inspired hard rock with frontman Scotty Bollert doing a great job working the crowd.


Boston band Rubikon was the official support for the two Canadian dates on this tour and their Facebook page lists them as “The Greatest (Opening) Band of All Time”. Their Wikipedia page backs that up listing Disturbed, Black Label Society, Damageplan, Sevendust, Shinedown, The Cult, Tesla, Pop Evil and Candledust among the bands they’ve opened for.

The main reason most of the crowd was there was to see Josh Todd and the current incarnation of Buckcherry. Opening with 54321 off of their latest album Hellbound, the punk inspired rocker was a great song to get everyone moving on the floor in front of the stage.

There were five songs from the new album this night and nobody seemed to be complaining. There was plenty of room for the familiar as well with the big hit Lit Up and the top ten ballad Sorry played midway through the show.. A nice surprise was the cover of Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69 just before the last song of the main set, Crazy Bitch, the song everyone had been waiting for all night. The song was played as an extended medley with the songs Jungle Boogie and Proud Mary. The band came out for one encore, the song “Say Fuck It”, which is as good a song as any to end the night.

Buckcherry with Rubikon, After The Lounge and Heart Attack Kids
London Music Hall
June 29, 2022
All photos by Dan Boshart (27th Floor Photography)

Set List:

  • 54321
  • So Hott
  • Ridin’
  • Out of Line
  • Lit Up
  • Hellbound
  • Somebody Fucked With Me
  • Everything
  • Too Drunk…
  • Sorry
  • Gluttony
  • Barricade
  • Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams cover)
  • Crazy Bitch/Jungle Boogie/Proud Mary/Crazy Bitch


  • Say Fuck It



After The Lounge:

Heart Attack Kids:

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