9 to 5 - Cardinal Music 2023

Cardinal Music Productions performs 9 to 5 in Windsor during its 2017 season.

Cardinal Music Productions, a well-known Windsor-based theater company, is making its way to Kingsville to present a new production of 9 to 5: The Musical at Migration Hall from May 5 to 14. This production marks the sixth time that the Cardinal Music Productions team will be performing at Migration Hall, and it promises to be a show-stopping performance.

In an interview with producer and director Joseph Cardinal, we learned about the inspiration behind bringing the show to Kingsville, the casting process, the unique challenges of performing in a shared space, and much more.


One of the things that inspired Cardinal to bring his company back to Kingsville was his love for the town and Migration Hall in particular. “I enjoy Kingsville and Migration Hall and I wanted to perform there again,” he said. “This will be the sixth production I have been involved with at Migration Hall.”

As for the community response, Cardinal is optimistic that they will enjoy the show. “I honestly feel they will enjoy the production,” he said. “They are very receptive to theatre in Kingsville.”

When it comes to casting, Cardinal looks for strong vocal ability above all else, and he is pleased with the talent he has found for this production. “We have a very strong singing cast,” he said.

Performing in a shared space presents some unique challenges, but Cardinal is confident that he and his team are prepared to handle them. “The venue in Kingsville is a shared space that the school uses during the day which makes it very similar to Lajeunesse, where we perform in Windsor,” he said. “The acoustics at Migration Hall are wonderful.”

Preparing the actors for the physical and vocal demands of the show has been a top priority for Cardinal. “We rehearse weekly usually twice a week and occasionally we add extra days for dance,” he said. “I always convey to the actors that time must be put in at home as well. It’s always great to have actors that are prepared when we rehearse and this cast has been great about that.”

One of the most challenging aspects of putting on the show, according to Cardinal, has been getting people comfortable with the dance. However, he is pleased with the progress the cast has made so far.

For this production of 9 to 5, Cardinal has added some new elements, including projections to help tell the story and some additional dance sequences. He is particularly fond of a powerful moment in the show where the three female leads take over the office and show that women are more than capable of running the show. “The song they sing there is Shine Like The Sun and it delivers a powerful message to us all,” he said.

In terms of how the show resonates with current social and political issues, Cardinal sees it as very relevant. “The issues the show deals with happen on a daily basis,” he said. “Women uniting together are going to change the political landscape in the upcoming American elections and some candidates are not going to know what hit them. The show shows us that it is not okay to treat people poorly. There are consequences for your actions.”

As for behind-the-scenes moments during the rehearsal process, Cardinal has enjoyed watching the growth of his cast members. “This cast has been a joy to work with,” he said. “It is always fun for me to watch the growth in people from beginning to end. Every day we work together is a new challenge and yet very fulfilling.”

The score for the show is an important element of the production, and Cardinal is pleased with the vocal arrangements and the way the songs deliver the show’s message in a positive and meaningful way.

Tickets are available Cardinal Music Productions Kingsville version of 9 to 5: The Musical are available for $30 at the show or in advance at the Cardinal Music Box Office at 2569-B Jefferson in Windsor.

9 to 5 - Cardinal Music 2023

Cardinal Music Productions performs 9 to 5 in Windsor during its 2017 season.

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