Catch-me-if-you-can-cardinal-musicBetween the ages of 15-21, Frank Abagnale Jr. became the most popular imposter. He commited fraud, swindling and forgery. He served a few years in prison after finally being caught and, ironically enough, is now a security consultant who advises the FBI. His life story inspired the 2002 blockbuster hit Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank and Tom Hanks as Carl Hanratty, the FBI agent trying to catch him. The popularity of the movie gave birth to a broadway musical of the same name, debuting on stage March 2011.

Joe Cardinal of Cardinal Music Productions put on this show as his second one for 2018, following Heathers that opened in January.

In Catch Me If You Can follow Frank Abagnale Jr played by Sheridan graduate Benjamin Doncom as he uses his wits and charm to not only trick everyday individuals, but also outsmart the FBI. Head FBI agent Carl Hanratty, played by Joe Cardinal is determined to catch him with the help of his other agents who are on his tail! Will Frank get away with his shenanigans or will Agent Hanratty catch him? Come on out to the Green Room theatre inside E.J. Lajeunesse High School and join the fun!

Benjamin Doncom as Frank Abagnale Jr is the perfect casting choice. He graces the stage with confidence and his voice is absolutely incredible. He opens the show with a song called “Live in Living Color” which shows off his vocal ability while he is backed up by the dancers.

The comedic timing of the actors who played the FBI agents were absolutely hilarious, especially Joe Cardinal’s character Carl Hanratty and Caroline Garswood who played Agent Dollar. Dollar is the one of the less experienced agents but notices things the more experienced ones don’t, and they don’t want to hear it! The agents catchy song “Don’t Break the Rules” sung by Carl Hanratty is still stuck in my head! It is a jazzy swing song that makes you want to get up on stage and dance with the actors.

An actress that stood out was Breannah Deschaine who played Frank’s love interest Brenda Strong. Breannah is a seasoned actress who really connected to the emotions of her character. Her solo song “Fly, Fly, Away,” was simply angelic.

Melissa Mills and Ross Sisco who played Brenda’s parents were an absolute delight. They worked really well together and their song “Family Tree” showed the connection they have as a family.

The dancers added to the storyline as well. They always entered the stage with a big smile across their face and had impressive costume quick changes.

Cardinal Music Productions never fails to put on great shows. Catch Me If You Can is fun and upbeat and an all around fantastic family show. Everything from the set, lighting and the costumes, makes the show bright and colorful. Catch Me If You Can is an all around amazing show that I highly recommend getting a ticket too.

Catch Me If You Can continues its second weekend at the Green Room Theatre: April 27th at 8pm, April 28th at 8pm, April 29th at 2pm. Tickets are $25.00 for Adults, And $22.50 for Students and Seniors. They available at the door cash only or call the box office at 519-944-5800.

Catch Me If You Can Cast:
Benjamin Doncom as Frank Abagnale Jr.
Joe Cardinal as Carl Hanratty
Allen Levack as Frank Abagnale Sr.
Sophia Atcheson as Paula Abagnale
Breannah Deschaine as Brenda Strong, Assistant, Dancer
Melissa Mills as Carol Strong, Ensemble
Ross Sisco as Roger Strong Agent Cod, Jack Barnes, Pilot
Robert Mero as Agent Branton, Judge, Pilot, Dr, Ben Casey
Caroline Garswood as Agent Dollar
Heather Daviau as Cheryl Ann, Atlanta Doctor, Show Girl, Ensemble
Abby St. Pierre as Jock, Railroad Agent, Tailor, Intern, Ensemble
Kristin McMahon as Principal, Doctor Wannamaker, Show Girl, Pan Am Executive, Ensemble
Daniela Marier-Perissinotti as Assistant, Show Girl, Dancer, Ensemble
Nina Fasullo as Assistant, Dancer, Ensemble
Abbie Brinkman as Betty, Dancer, Ensemble
Meredith Garswood as Stewardess, Dancer, Ensemble
Nathalie Mero as Dancer, Ensemble
Lauren Carlini as Dancer, Ensemble
Jennifer O’Neil as Nerd, Ensemble
Sixuan Chen as Bank Teller, Bartender, Ensemble
John Garswood as Motel Manager, Pilot, Ensemble

Director: Joe Cardinal
Music Director: Allen Levack
Choreographer: Nina Fasullo

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