What can I possibly say about this album other than WOW! It’s a perfect rock album that checks all the boxes.

To Mean to Die is able to bring back that early 80’s to late 90’s metal sound that the band is known for – capturing an energy and a style that makes them sound like a hungry new band looking for their first metal radio hit. With this album, Accept managed to sound like a modern day Metallica, AC/DC and KISS, all brought to life in a sleek and edgy sound.


Accept 2020Every song on the album has a unique sound to it, and while riddled with guitar solos, each track stood out and had its own unique dynamic and sound. The song that stood out the most to me was the eighth track on the album, “The Best is yet to Come”, because it’s the only song on the album that features cleaner, less raspy vocals. It emphasizes the message and provides a breaking point on the album. The use of a different vocal technique and instrumental approach made this the standout on the album.

Accept have actually had four singers since they stared back in 1976. Longtime vocalist Mark Tornillo did an absolutely amazing job sticking to the sound originally crafted by metal legend Udo Dirkschneider. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Udo was back, but this audio assault is courtesy of Tornillo’s venomous pipes.

On the musical end of things, Too Mean To Die is the first Accept album to feature Martin Motnik, who replaced original bassist Peter Baltes in 2019, and rhythm guitarist Philip Shouse, who also joined the band that same year. Despite not having a lot of time to tour, due to COVID restrictions, the new members fit in perfectly.

Overall, this album was amazing – the band was able to bring back that older classic metal sound that only veterans of the era could do with style and dignity. It reminds me of the first time I listened to Machine Gun Kelly’s album “Tickets To My Downfall”, where MGK brought back the punk rock genre that we haven’t really heard since My Chemical Romance made it mainstream at the dawn of the new millennium.

Very well done.


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