Windsor electro-pop artist MELØ has finally released his highly anticipated debut full-length album, “Songs From The Spirit Box,” and it’s a vibrant and exciting journey that showcases his unique sound and songwriting prowess. After breaking out with three EPs since 2022 and a series of singles dating back to 2021, MELØ has crafted an album that doesn’t sound like it comes from Canada in 2024 – it has a classic Euro-pop vibe with an international flair, much like Depeche Mode giving a familiar nod to the experimental side of David Bowie.

MELØ’s voice might best resemble Per Gessle, best known as the male voice of Roxette, so you know there’s a good pop sense about him. The album opens with the enigmatic “Black October” and immediately sets the tone for the rest of the record. “King of Nothing” follows, showcasing MELØ’s uncanny gift for creating hooks that connect and insightfully endearing melodies.


The standout tracks “Want You To See” and “Don’t Feel A Thing” are clear highlights of the album, revealing the thought-provoking and powerfully evocative nature of MELØ’s songwriting. “Gone Forever” and “Paralyzed” continue the album’s momentum, with MELØ’s signature retro-futuristic sound that infuses bold Indie-Pop melodies and darker synth-wave vibes into one.

“Disintegrate 2.0” and “Glitter” showcase MELØ’s versatility as a songwriter, with the former being a reimagining of one of his earlier tracks and the latter being a new addition to his discography. The album also features a modernized cover of the classic 1987 R.E.M. hit “The One I Love,” which is accompanied by a deep black and white music video.

“Let Love In,” “Cut Me Loose,” and “Only The Lonely” continue the album’s exploration of the cracks between the light and the dark that reveal a layer of unexplored humanity shared between us all. “Death of a Good Man” is another new addition to MELØ’s discography and serves as a powerful and thought-provoking track.

Through an exciting and enigmatic playlist that includes pivotal releases like “Don’t Feel A Thing,” “Let Love In,” and the timeless REM cover song reimagined by MELØ, “The One I Love,” the album serves up an enchanting slice of audible eargasms that are designed to keep people coming back for more. “Songs From The Spirit Box” is a fearless debut record that fully reveals the magic of music in action from its incandescent start to its stunningly illuminated finale.

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