Dancing With The Stars Live 2023 Caesars WindsorDancing With The Stars Live 2023 made a tour stop at The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor on a snowy and wet January 25th, and it was a night filled with glitter, glamour and high-energy performances. The show, which features professional dancers from the popular television series, was an electrifying experience that left the audience in awe and wanting more.

One of the standout moments of the night was the special guest star, Gabby Windey, who was the runner-up in Season 31 of the show. Windy, who also rose to fame as a star of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, brought her A-game to the stage. Her grace and poise on the dance floor were a sight to behold, and it was clear that her extensive experience in reality television has translated well to her dance abilities. In a funny moment near the beginning of the show, to honour her second-place finish, she came to the stage with a shopping cart which had a giant glittery “trophy” in the basket, which she joked was because she never got a trophy from the show.


The professional dancers were all top-notch on this night, showcasing their incredible skill and athleticism as they moved to a variety of music styles. The choreography was also impressive, with each number telling a unique story and captivating the audience. The dancers’ chemistry on stage was electric and their energy was contagious, making for a truly engaging performance.

The stage design was also noteworthy, with a multi-tiered stage, complete with stairs to the front and sides. Vibrant lighting and special effects also added to the overall atmosphere of the show. The costumes were stunning as well, with each dancer dressed in intricate and colorful outfits that sparkled under the stage lights.

One of the highlights of the night was the opening group dance number that featured all of the professional dancers, along with guest star Windey. It was a high-energy routine filled with clips of popular songs that left the audience clapping and cheering.

Dancing With The Stars Live 2023 at Caesars Windsor was a spectacular evening of entertainment and appeared to surprise those who never expected to enjoy a dance themed show as much as they did. The professional dancers were at the top of their game, and special guest star, Gabby Windey, added a special touch to the show. The combination of Windey’s reality-TV fame and the unparalleled dance skills of the professionals made for an entertaining evening of grace, glitter and glitz.

Dancing With The Stars Live 2023 Caesars Windsor

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