DaughtryAmerican rockers Daughtry pulled into Windsor this week showing a much more gritty and progressive sound than their radio hits and flashy videos portray. The band’s short 15-song set had all the usual suspects, as well as a grand selection of exciting tunes from their last album Cage to Rattle.

While many were there to see their favourite American Idol from Season 5 strut across the stage, there is a substance and deep musical factor that make Daughtry more than an American Idol fluff piece – this is a rock band with character and a growing sound. Newer songs like Just Found Heaven, Backbone and Back In Time lifted this show to a whole new level. And those newer songs weren’t just for the audience, they were also for lead vocalist Chris Daughtry, who voiced his displeasure about playing some of the older songs on multiple occasions throughout the night.

That discontentment was evident once older hits like No Surprise and Home were played midway in the show. It was as if Daughtry found a new energy and excitement once those acoustic hits were checked off the setlist.

There were a few high moments in the show, including a stunning, somewhat funky version of Back In Time, which catapulted the energy to a feverish pace.  That newfound pace gave songs like It’s Not Over and Waiting For Superman a second life.

The band also performed a couple covers, including a slight sped up version of The Cars Drive and the Prince classic Purple Rain, which closed the show on a high point.

Watching Daughtry perform its newer material sparked some life into the band and that can only be a sign of great things still to come from them. The massive stage at Caesars Windsor didn’t hurt either.

Photos by Dan Savoie

Caesars Windsor
Oct. 24, 2019

  • Just Found Heaven
  • Feels Like Tonight
  • Backbone
  • Breakdown
  • Life After You
  • Drive
  • No Surprise
  • Home
  • As You Are
  • Back In Time
  • It’s Not Over
  • White Flag
  • Over You


  • Waiting For Superman
  • September / Purple Rain

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