Dirty Honey Edmonton 2022It’s been 21 years since I last sat on the steps outside the Starlite room in Edmonton Alberta. Back in my college days it used to be called The Rev. It’s amazing to be back at my old stomping ground with some old friends and some new music. Dirty Honey have been out on the road hard the last few years really making a name for themselves as well as being some of the nicest guys in the business. With them on this run across Canada was Detroit’s own Mac Saturn. Dirty Honey brings the new age classic rock vibe as Mac Saturn has a more The Killers meets The Rolling Stones and Black Crowes. The venue packed up very quickly as you could tell there were people here just to see the opening band as young girls were surrounding the front of stage in anticipation for Mac Saturn’s set.

Mac Saturn hit the stage to a full house, not everyone knew who they were, but they were about to. There was definitely a ton of fans for them. These Motown boys brought some Detroit muscle and soul with them. Singer Carson Macc is mesmerizing to watch on stage. A true Rockstar front man. He has this Mick Jagger swagger that’s hypnotizing. Guitar players Nick Barone and Mike Moody just so locked in and working off each other it was magic to watch. Locking down the low end is Jive Moses if his name doesn’t tell you enough, he is all business on that bass. He kept everything locked down. Pushed up close to the front of the stage like most supporting acts it fit so well to have Angelo Coppola up front and center. His energy was something to watch out there, not only was he killing his drums he was a good singer as well.


The whole band came out hungry and did not disappoint. It’s so awesome to bump into bands you like in your town out on the road and see a new city get blown away by their talent. If you get a chance to see this band live, please do as I feel they are on their way too much larger stages soon.

Leaving the crowd sweaty and wanting more Dirty Honey stepped on the stage and started firing on all cylinders. It was a firefight as John Notto just kept plastering us with lick after lick after lick. All while Justin Smolian locked in that fat and fuzzy bass. He’s always the coolest guy in the room. Justin has the coolest boots and is honestly one of the nicest people in rock n roll these days. His personality, his hair and his groovy ass bass lines are always on point. Finishing out the back line is the ultra-fit and perfectly timed drummer Corey Coverstone. I swear this guy is a machine. Talking to their tour driver he’s the first one in bed each night. He works hard being the backbone for Dirty Honey. He’s also done his own solo stuff. Corey is always hustling, couldn’t be happier for him. Tonight, he is putting on a clinic. Rounding out this perfect four piece is front man extraordinaire Mark Labelle. Mark is one of the coolest and most down to earth guys you could ever image. One hell of a hockey player as well. Tonight, in the city Gretzky built Mark was scoring big time with everyone at the Starlite Room.

Their reputation for making their bones and touring and meeting all their fans is starting to pay off. They had lots of festival gigs this year and they keep moving to later time slots every year. This is a well-oiled machine and its ready to keep moving. With a set list packed with 16 killer songs like Rolling 7’s, California Dreaming, Heartbreaker, The Wire it was like a best of night, but they are just getting started. With Aerosmith’s Last Child in the middle of their set and John Notto’s Amazing Guitar Solo I couldn’t believe we still get to hear their number one hit When I’m Gone and to close it all out, they did their version of Prince’s Lets Go Crazy. With everyone gone and lost their minds. The boys quietly went backstage showered off and greeted their fans before making their way on the bus to rock the next town on their tour. I highly recommended seeing this tour, more dates with Mac Saturn and Dorothy still on sale across North America.

Dirty Honey / Mac Saturn
Starlite Club
Edmonton, AB

September 2, 2022
All photos by Maximus Reid

Dirty Honey

Mac Saturn

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