Tenille ArtsThe dream keeps getting bigger for Tenille Arts.

Born and raised in the small Canadian prairie town of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Tenille’s dream of performing took root at the tender age of eight. A neighbor overheard her singing a Shania Twain song in her back yard and encouraged her mom to help her pursue music.


The ambitious up-and-coming country princess appeared on a couple episodes of The Bachelor with Colton Underwood and gave Canada its props in a stellar rendition of O’Canada at Game 3 of the NBA Finals, representing the Raptors.

Tenille took a few moments to answer a couple questions as she heads to Burl’s Creek Event Grounds at Oro Station for Boots and Hearts from Aug. 8-11. She performs on Saturday.

How did Weyburn shape the singer and performer you became?
I was really lucky to have such a supportive hometown and there were many opportunities to perform in and around Weyburn. It helped me become more confident as an artist.

Understandably, you had to leave Weyburn to further your career. Do you miss Saskatchewan?
I will always miss Saskatchewan and the people! I seem to find Saskatchewan people everywhere I go.

We saw you perform on The Bachelor. How did that opportunity come about? What was Colton like?
That experience was amazing! My manager had been sending music to the producers of that show for a while, and they fell in love with my music and asked me to perform! I didn’t expect to get the opportunity to perform twice, but I feel really lucky that I did! Colton was a really nice guy and we got to chat about the fact that we’re both involved in raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.

Moment of Weakness and I Hate This were the songs of both of your performances. Tell me about those songs.
Moment of Weakness was a love song I wrote about giving into feelings and just letting yourself fall in love!

I Hate This is actually a break up song. It’s about that moment where you don’t know if you will get back together with that person or if it’s over forever. I think that’s the worst part about a break up so I wanted to talk about that in a song.

If I say We The North, I’m sure that’ll mean something to you. You really represented us in California in Game. How exciting was it to be part of a legendary series?
I was so incredibly excited and nervous! It was amazing to be a part of a legendary series and represent my amazing home country.

Was that your first anthem performed?
I have performed the anthem many times before, but this was definitely the largest audience I’ve ever performed for.

Is there more music from you coming this year?
Yes! I’m very excited to be releasing new music. It feels like a new chapter for me and I can’t wait for people to hear the new songs.

You’ll be at Boots & Hearts this year. What does Boots & Hearts mean to you?
I was a part of the Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist showcase a few years ago, so to be able to come back as an established artist and perform for everyone is a dream come true! I can’t wait!

Tenille Arts will perform at Boots and Hearts, taking place Aug 8-11, featuring Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell and others.

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