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This year everyone got a lot MORE of Windsor thanks to the hard work of a Riverside marketing and tech company. Imaginative Group, in partnership with several local business associations, created More Windsor, a marketing campaign to bolster business to the city.

“This was all about Windsor as a whole,” says Imaginative Group representative Nathan Wilson, who heads the company’s digital advertising department. “The campaign was designed to promote places to go and events to attend in Windsor and bring it all to a US audience. Unlike other websites we’ve created, More Windsor is more of a hub for blog posts and sharing information. Trying to figure out how to organize those blogs and social media posts was a little challenging at first, but we quickly learned how to make it work.”

nathan wilsonThe hot pink campaign is a cutting-edge project with a powerful website, colourful graphics and some intuitive marketing savvy. Even though the main tourism season is over, it continues to showcase local events and places around Essex for visitors to explore. It also highlights cross border tips for Americans and links to similarly branded Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

“That was one of our largest projects this year,” Wilson adds. “From the design to the website and the constant flow of content, it was a lot of work, but we feel it is something that will benefit all the associations involved, as well as the entire Windsor-Essex community.”

The campaign was primarily funded through local partners and will be re-evaluated this fall.
Imaginative Group CEO Greg Plante started the business as Imaginative Imaging in 2004 solely as a place to capture and print high quality photographs, but since that time, the vision has grown into something a lot more involved. The company now offers design, website development, social media management, search engine marketing, copywriting and videography.

The company has now grown to 13 employees and a planned expansion into London is currently underway. The Riverside location at 4769 Wyandotte St E. will remain.

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