It appears all you have to do in Windsor is say symphony and Star Wars in the same breath and you’ve got yourself a sold-out event. The Windsor Symphony Orchestra is bringing the Music of Star Wars for two shows of sold out movie magic to the Capitol Theatre on Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 30 and Oct. 1) .

Few pieces of music are as iconic as the music from Star Wars. The first six notes of the opening theme are recognized by billions of people around the world, and evoke images of lightsabers, Darth Vader and Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon.


What makes the music of Star Wars special is that not only one piece or theme sticks out; the entire franchise is built around its music. Every scene is lushly scored for orchestra and draws on structures and forms originally developed by Richard Wagner. While adhering to old-fashioned compositional rules, composer John Williams created a futuristic sound describing all different types of worlds and galaxies. Star Wars music has inspired a new generation of film scores and remains a prominent piece of orchestral music repertoire.

These will be fun concerts, with conductor Robert Franz encouraging the audience to wear costumes and participate in a name that tune competition where the orchestra will play excerpts and ask trivia questions related to that particular piece of music.

For more on the Star Wars concert, visit www.windsorsymphony.com.

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