Regan White as Veronica Sawyer and Natalie Culmone as Heather Chandler, trying on their costumes for Heathers: The Musical earlier this week. Heathers opens at the Green Room Theatre (600 E.C. Row Ave. W.) on Friday.


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Heathers: The Musical asks that very question. Cardinal Music Productions tackles the youthful theatrical production this month with shows at Windsor’s Green Room Theatre at École secondaire E.J. Lajeunesse over six nights. Opening on Friday (January 19), the popular teen production is known for its catchy songs, vibrant choreography and highly controversial content. It’s the first theatrical show of 2018.


The show, while a comedy, deals with issues of teen suicide, murder, bullying, homophobia, and gun violence. The cast recently tried on their costumes for the first time and the excitement of the opening show is building this week.

“Heathers was chosen as the first show of 2018 to engage the young people in our company,” says director Joseph Anthony Cardinal. “I like the story, the music and especially the meaning behind the show. High school is a tough time when you’re young and full of hormones. I think we’ve all experienced something similar to this at one point in our school years.”

The year is 1989. Join hero Veronica Sawyer in the halls of Ohio’s Westerburg High, ruled by a cruel and unforgiving royal family: The Heathers. When Veronica rejects the evil regime in favour of her new boyfriend, the dark and mysterious JD, she is forced to answer the question – who gets to live and who has to die? Darkly funny, romantic and moving, this musical takes the audience on a roller coaster of emotions as Veronica wades through the deep and murky waters of high school and teenage angst with sarcastic wit.

Heathers: The Musical is a rock musical with music, lyrics and a book by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy, based on the 1988 cult film Heathers starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The Windsor production is directed by Cardinal, with musical direction from Allen Levack and choreography by Nina Fasullo. It features 15-year-old Regan White as Veronica Sawyer and Ben Doncom as JD, with Sydney White, Natalie Culmone and Karly Green as the Heathers.

The Cardinal production is expected to be a slightly toned-down version of the story with fewer gratuitous scenes than either the movie or Broadway show, but Cardinal says it’s still loaded with controversy, amazing songs and thrills.

Heathers opens on Friday (January 19) at the Green Room Theatre (600 E.C. Row Ave. W.) beginning at 8pm and runs until January 28, with Friday and Saturday shows at 8pm and Sunday performances at 2pm. Tickets begin at $20 and are available at Cardinal Music at 519.944.5800 and cardinalmusicproduction.com.


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