The Tea PartyThe Tea Party hit the road across Canada in March and have been selling out venues around the country on a tour supporting their latest hit single Black River. The band returns home to Caesars Windsor about midway through the tour on Thursday (April 18) for a massive homecoming show.

Stuart Chatwood of The Tea Party live at London Music Hall, April 1, 2019. (Photo by Dan Boshart)

The tour is a massive 35-date trek of North America that began March 16 in Kingston at the Grand Theatre and will end in Los Angeles at the legendary Roxy Theatre in Hollywood on May 18. Prior to the tour officially kicking off, the band held a couple of sold-out shows in Toronto and Kitchener.

The Tea Party have been nominated for numerous JUNO Awards and have received 22 MuchMusic Video Award nominations including three People’s Choice Awards for Favourite Music Video. They have sold over 1.8 million records worldwide, as well as toured countless times throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. The band is known for its musicianship, unique sound and stage presence. In 2017, the band celebrated the 20th anniversary of their ground-breaking album Transmission with a cross Canada tour.

Bassist Stuart Chatwood has been with the band since it formed in 1990, along with guitarist and vocalist Jeff Martin and drummer Jeff Burrows. Stuart checked in from the road to chat about Black River, the tour, some new music and all things Tea Party.

1. What an incredible journey Black River has taken up the charts. You must be ecstatic.
2. How did the song Black River come about?
3. Recording and getting together must be difficult with you in Vancouver, Jeff Burrows here in Windsor, and Jeff Martin in Australia.
4. Sounds like there was always an intention to record something again.
5. It sounds like a resurgence fo you guys?
6. Any fun moments on the tour so far?
7. It's a pretty sizable North Amerincan tour. Not a lot of bands tour this intensely. What prompted such a large tour?
8. Can you believe next year is 30 years for The Tea Party?
9. You have an upcoming show here in Windsor at Caesars. It_s such a great venue. Is there anything special planned?
10. I bet your guest list is pretty big when you play Windsor?
11. You guys should do a suprise gig somewhere as The Stickmen.
12. What do you remember about The Stickmen days?
13. When and what caused The Stickment to change into The Tea Party?
14. It seems like music has always been apart of your younger days growing up here in Windsor?
15. It sounds like you have conquered your fears!
16. The Tea Party has had some incredible moments - The Sars concert comes to mind as one.
17. How do you think Windosr shaped the man and the musician you've become?
18. You've also had an interesting career away from the band too. Are you working on anything new?
19. How does that work? Do you see the video game graphics first?
20. The Tea Party has a new single coming out. what can you tell me about that?
21. After the tour wraps, what's nest for The Tea Party?

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