Josh Gates Promo Dead SeaThe host of Discovery Television’s hit series Expedition Unknown is headed to Detroit for an intimate evening of stories, tales and exploration. Explorer, talk show host, and author Josh Gates is famous for his globetrotting adventures, searching for unknown and lost stories on a massive level. He hits the Masonic Cathedral Theatre in the Motor City on Wednesday, April 13 at 7pm.

“One of the things we really try to do on Expedition Unknown is to make the viewers feel like they’re there with us,” Gates reveals. “We really try to make the format feel very inclusive and we want people to feel like they’re riding shotgun on the adventure, if you will. That’s a big part of what the live show is. It’s getting people together in a room telling stories talking about thrilling tales of adventure, a little bit about how I got this crazy job of being a wandering explorer, and to talk a bit about everything – from archaeological mysteries to crypto zoological creatures, to the paranormal, to all of the interesting things that I’ve gone exploring over the years.”


He’s a real-life Indiana Jones chasing down answers to the world’s greatest mysteries and ground-breaking archaeological discoveries. Through nine seasons of Expedition Unknown, Gates sets out on a global journey to explore archaeological discoveries, historic mysteries, and scientific breakthroughs – from the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, all the way to the ancient ruins of the Mayans. His explorations are an open book into the mind of an explorer, archeologist and a storyteller.

“El Mirador in northern Guatemala stands out to me because I have never been as awestruck by a place in my life,” he explains. “It’s a very remote preclassical group of cities right below the border of Mexico. It’s most easily reached by helicopter. You get to go way out in the middle of nowhere, and they’ve cut a little clearing in the middle of the jungle and you land out there. This place has roughly the square footage of the size of Los Angeles and there are thousands of buildings that nobody’s ever seen. Standing in El Mirador, I’m just constantly reminded of how much there is out there we haven’t found and I am always thrilled to go back there and places like it because it’s inspirational.”

Whether he’s telling stories of unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures or decoding mind-bending puzzles, his tales are about the epic adventures we all wish we could take. His current tour will take his television viewers around the world and off-the-map with stories from his greatest expeditions and insights into the world’s greatest mysteries. From hilarious misadventures to thrilling moments of discovery, Josh keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Tickets for Josh Gates at the Masonic Cathedral Theatre on Wednesday, April 13 are available at and Gates can be found hanging out at his website.

Watch for a feature length interview with Josh Gates in an upcoming issue of 519 Magazine.

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