Kevin-Smith---Silent-but-Deadly-posterKevin Smith wears many hats. As a producer, director, comic book writer and actor, he’s been working hard, or hardly-working (he admits to his laziness at times) to create a successful career. Most know him for the sleeper hit 90’s movie; Clerks, and of course being the silent half of the stoner duo; Jay and Silent Bob.

In this stand-up comedy show, Kevin Smith is quite a story-teller and you do get a glimpse into his life in a very open and honest way. He wears his snapback ball cap and signature jersey with pride. Although the topics may seem mundane, like his copious amount of hilarious weed tales or detailing his random 20 minute phone call with Bruce Willis, Kevin has a way of hooking you into his world with a genuine sense of curiosity. There is a lot of vulgarity, which is kind of his shtick, and clearly TMI (too much information) into his sexcapades with his wife that will have you laughing.


I am not sure if it was the lighting during his performance, but Kevin looked like he was developing jaundice as the show went on. He did reveal though at the start of the show candidly about his near-death experience. He had a massive heart attack and claimed that smoking weed saved his life because he remained so calm through the whole situation. Obviously, take it with the grain of salt, he’s a comedian, not a doctor. Fortunately, Kevin survived the ordeal with a very loud wake-up call. He vowed to put his obesity to rest by following a totally vegan diet, which he now sings the praises of.

When Silent Bob speaks, people listen and I’m glad that he is still alive and kicking ready to share more of his adventures with us and to keep his best friend Jason Mewes from ever crying again.

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