Billy-Ray-CyrusI cannot say that I have ever been a big country music fan. Sure I don’t mind listening to the odd toe-tapping, honky-tonk song, but if you asked me what I listen to most days, it wouldn’t be this genre. I must admit though that I was a little excited when I saw that Billy Ray Cyrus was coming to Caesars Windsor and it seemed like a good time to dust off our proverbial cowboy hats and boots, and mosey on out for a fun time with my husband, also named Bill, but no, I don’t call him Billy.

You knew it was going to be a good time as Billy Ray Cyrus entered the stage, complete with his casual cowboy chic, sleek straight hair, signature cowboy hat, and flashed the brightest smile to the crowd. He started the night by channelling his inner Johnny Cash and singing “Folsom Prison Blues.” A great energy hit the crowd and it didn’t stop from there.

If you recall Billy Ray Cyrus was also an actor back in the early 2000’s on a show called Doc, which ran 4 seasons long. For the nostalgic moment, he performed his tv intro hit “Stand Still” which had the audience on their feet shouting the chorus.

“Wher’m I Gonna Live”, “Could’ve Been Me”,  and a heart-warming tribute to the veterans both here and abroad with “Some Gave All”, were a few other great hits.

Two huge highlights were Billy’s  own style of “Johnny B Good” and the well-known party song by Georgia Satellites, “Keep your Hands to Yourself.” Oh and who could forget the keyboardist showing off his skill to the synth sounds of “Jump” by Van Halen.

There were screams from groups of women as the start of the monster hit, “Achy Breaky Heart”, began. Everyone from little kids to seniors (it was an all-ages show) stood up to dance and sway. There were also plenty of teasing moments as Billy pseudo-tossed his cowboy hat and jacket to the crowd. He did actually toss out some t-shirts though, which I’m sure a few lucky ladies will wear to bed tonight without washing to preserve the fact that Billy’s hand and sweat touched those shirts first.

Even though Lil Nas wasn’t able to make the stage this time, Billy Ray gave a salute and wished him well, as he carried on with “Old Town Road” with his band. You could tell the new fans from the old ones just by the sheer joy or confusion on their faces when the bass sound came on and thumped the seats for the entire duration of the song. In all honesty, and you can always expect that when you read my reviews,  the low pitch of the bass, along the loud guitars was deafening. I know some people like that style and yes the song is catchy, but I had to start moving towards the exit.  Thankfully, the rest of the concert was a delight.

Although Billy Ray did mention having some problems crossing the border, we’re happy he made it safe and sound to Windsor to entertain us all, otherwise that probably won’t have left some achy breaky hearts!

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