Windsor playwright Brittni Brinn has just released her debut novel The Patch Project. It’s a post-apocalyptic 132-page book published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing of Calgary, currently available in the Kindle format from Amazon.

The story centers around a doomsday incident simply referred to as “The Event”, when most of the world inexplicably disappears overnight and only small patches of civilization remain. It tells tales in a post-apocalyptic world exploring the lives of characters such as May, Isak, Ed, Pinot and Miller.


An introspective story about survival, identity, and memory, The Patch Project explores the need for connection and purpose in a now sterile world.

The official description on the EDGE website says this of the book:

May and Isak live on what used to be Holly Street. Since the Event, however, they have found themselves totally isolated, surviving day to day on what they can find in their pantry and their memories. May thinks that everything is going fine: apart from Isak’s weird disappearances and the humming only she can hear, they maintain a safe and secure existence surrounded by wasteland. Until one day, the phone rings.

After the Event, the convenience store became Ed’s home. Used to the busy life of a video game designer, the sudden lack of people and landscape around him is hard to deal with. Then, one day, he discovers that he can manipulate electronics using only his mind.

Pinot and Miller are on the run. They wander through the wasteland looking for supplies or anything smashable. Driven by Miller’s fear of retribution, they head west. Everything changes for Pinot when they come across an abandoned power station.

Brinn grew up in Western Canada, but eventually moved to Windsor for her graduate studies, where she received her M.A. of Creative Writing in 2015. She co-hosts Hardcover: A Literary Podcast and writes plays for Paper-Knife Theatre.

She recently performed in last weekend’s Paper-Knife Theatre production of A Lichen by Stephanie Yee and will also be directing Yellow Vines, an original thriller by Linda Collard, in June.

The Patch Project is her first novel. It is currently available through Amazon Kindle . Additionally, Brinn will be hosting a launch event for The Patch Project at the Green Bean Café (2320 Wyandotte Street West) on Wednesday, March 28 from 5:30pm-7pm. The evening will include both a reading and question-and-answer session. For more information you can visit her Facebook page.

The Patch Project

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