Because of a delay in their upcoming release and a bit of a team member shuffle, Windsor’s Nu Breed have just released a new EP that they’ve made available for free to fans waiting for their new tunes. Before The Assault is a four-song independently produced release with the depth and balls of a major label effort, but without the crap of label censorship and direction.

Nu Breed are building an audience for their catchy multi-syllabic hardcore hip hop sound, which comes across much like early Eminem or Dr. Dre when the duo first worked hard to define that Detroit sound that ended up making Marshall Mathers’ alter-ego such a star. It’s so much like that early Aftermath Entertainment sound, that I highly doubt Dr. Dre could even add anything to most of the EP’s sound.

The beats on the EP are just killer, with producers Anno Domini Beats (who helmed three of the four tracks) and Ricky Mac Productions (for the song In This Game) giving the songs a deep hip hop groove that should easily get live audiences pumped.

Opening track Don’t Scream sounds like something that was lurking around the studio when NWA was recording Compton. It’s dark, deep and something I can’t wait to hear thumping through some massive JBL speakers in the back of an old El Camino. This is some heavy, legendary shit.

Can’t Touch is a fist pumper with guest vocals from Windsor’s Phokus of Line 3, who sounds great with that deep Aftermath/NWA vibe. This one has a huge gansta vibe, but the lyrics centre about getting the fans pumped at a live show and it shouldn’t’ have any problem rallying their fans at all.

In This Game is the slower track of the set with very catchy repetitive lyrics, but the group really does showcase itself better in its heavier, faster jams over the slower juice. US rapper Ken Dog gives the song a bit of bite and the subtle kick in the ass it needed.

On King of Rap, Nu Breed closes the EP with a cool track that borrows a bit from Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady with a repetitive chorus involving some slick scratches. It’s full of pompous attitude and self-righteous lyrics, which is what we all came to hear

It’s great to hear D.U.B., Deranged and B. Gattie kick some ass with the old school vibe and Aftermath attitude – the rhymes are wild, the lyrics are nasty enough to give the some street cred and the beats just kill. An extra nod goes to B. Gattie for the slick mix and master that gives the tunes that little extra wallop that a producer like Dre would have deemed essential for the mix.

If the EP is any indication of what will come from the new album, listeners are in for a groundbreaking release.

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