Churchwood Pictures is working on a local sitcom pilot project, XLR8!: a
single-camera situation comedy in half-hour television format. Martin Ouellette and
Carly Morrison-Hart, along with a talented and passionate cast and crew, want to
develop a new project that will showcase Windsor as a self-sustaining creative hub!
Churchwood Pictures needs your help to support this project with their GoFundMe
campaign: XLR8! – Sitcom pilot project.

XLR8! is about independent-minded people forced to coexist while risking everything
they have for a shot at self-made success. The frictions, friendships, and synergies that
form between them, their wild plots to advance their businesses, and their struggles with
their zany work building and even zanier city.


The sitcom is set in the underdog border city of Straitsville, Canada, at a downtown
“business accelerator” where local entrepreneurs can (and do) rent a desk, some wifi,
and a business address in a wildly unregulated funhouse of a building, striving all the
while to tap into wealthy suburban Riverglen.

The GoFundMe campaign is now accepting donations towards their $8,000 goal to help
make the project come to life! With a donation comes fun perks and rewards! Perks
include XLR8! merchandise, VIP tickets to the pilot screening, set tours, executive
producer credits and other stuff. Currently the total has reached more than $2,000.

For more information, visit the GoFundMe link.

To arrange an interview or photo, please call Churchwood Pictures at (226) 347-4470.

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