Television, movie and comedic funny man (or in some cases funny woman) Louis Anderson has been making audiences laugh for more than 30 years. He’s currently the star of FX Canada television show as character Christine Baskets, the mom of twin brothers Chip and Dale (both played by Zach Galifianakis). Anderson is currently on the road and will be performing for one night at the Chatham Capitol Theatre on Saturday (February 10).

“I just enjoy stand-up, that’s my first real love,” Anderson told YQG Rocks in a phone interview while waiting for a flight to his next show. “You’ve got the audience, a microphone, a light. It’s all just pure, no director, no script, it’s your stuff, it’s all you! I’m always working at things to keep it fresh and current. And by current, I mean all the ways I can stay current and keep it in the present. Being present for the show; being present for the people you are talking to; being present when you are doing an interview and when you get to the show, you’ll have to be present and ready to have some fun. The more fun you have the more fun the audience will have.”


With his role in Baskets, which recently began its third season, Anderson literally gives it everything he has to become Christine.

“I think the interesting thing is that I’ve come to appreciate my mom and 5 sister’s a lot more since becoming Christine for the show,” he revealed. “Even though I’m playing a character, people treat you as if you’re a woman when you’re dressed like a woman. It’s pretty amazing really. I appreciate the idea of having to get dressed, putting on makeup and fixing your hair. I think men are just not as aware of this stuff. There’s one thing to know it and know women do it, but when you actually doing it yourself – when you are getting ready as a woman – it changes the way you think and act towards people.”

Along with Baskets, Anderson will soon be releasing his sixth comedy special, Big Underwear, where he plays on the challenges of getting healthy, life on the road, dealing with technology, and how we all eventually become our parents.

“You guys will be getting a preview of it before it gets to the States, so it’s really exciting for me to be coming to Canada,” Anderson said. “Big Underwear came about because one day I was folding my clothes and I held up my underwear and it blocked out the sun (laughter). I was like “Oh My God” the lights gone in here. I lifted them up and I didn’t realize until that moment, you don’t look at your underwear and realize how big they are. At least I didn’t until I folded them. The whole thing just made me laugh out loud and then I crafted a bunch of jokes around it, so it’s good for me.”

Anderson is a lighthearted and jovial funny man with a clean and family friendly format. He’s proud of his show’s content and the audience it brings out.

“It just fit me better to be a clean comic,” he noted. “You can bring your parents, your kids and the entire family to my shows and I’m proud that it comes out that way. I want everyone to enjoy the show and have a good time. Sometimes people think that clean is boring, but it’s actually a very solid format. I worked really hard at it.”

Chatham will get to experience the comedic skills of Anderson when he performs at the Chatham Capitol Theatre on Saturday (February 10). Tickets start at $35 and are available at the Box Office or online.

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