Maryann CottonRockstar Music Hall Windsor was the scene for the return of Maryann Cotton and a reunited line-up after a troubled 3-year break. Touring and the usual vices that go with that lifestyle took a toll on the band, and the last time these four guys played together they were pretty broken. During the break the band experimented with a failed new line-up and dealt with some personal demons. Now back together with new energy and a new album coming, the band’s “Holy” North American Tour 2020 brought them to Windsor for a night of heavy head banging rock on Feb. 12 – kicking off the entire tour with a mighty wail.

The group is Maryann Cotton (AKA Jackie Patino) – vocals, Hal Patino (formerly of King Diamond) – bass, Sebastian Sly – guitar, and Shawn Kernon – drums. The look and sound is very much 1970’s Alice Cooper and it’s no coincidence. Growing up as the son of a well-known Danish metal bassist, Maryann (Jackie) was exposed to heavy rock from a young age and when he heard Alice Cooper for the first time he was hooked.


In 2012 Dick Wagner and Alice were looking for someone to do a concept album with and they “discovered” Maryann. Unfortunately, Wagner passed away before the album was completed and it’s been sitting unfinished somewhere ever since. Hopefully we’ll get to hear that recording someday, but in the meantime, we have Maryann and his music to enjoy.

His sneering vocals are very much like Alice although his voice is very much his own. With his dark eyes and long dark wavy hair he could easily be mistaken for a young good-looking Cooper. The look is glam but the sound is heavy with a driving rhythm section provided by Patino on bass and Kernon’s drumming.

This is a band to see live.

Their sound is best experienced loud and punching you in the chest. Sebastian Sly stepped up with some blazing guitar solos, exciting the Wednesday night crowd and giving the fans their money’s worth. Maryann encouraged the crowd to get up and move to the front of the stage, even bringing a few people up to dance and head bang later in the show. The venue isn’t large, but the band played big and they know how to lock the crowd in. It was a great show and if you get a chance to see them, it’s worth going out, even on a work night!

Opening the show was local favourites Smokin’ Purple Monkeys who played a lively set of classic rock covers and always give the fans a good show.

All photos by Dan Boshart

Maryann Cotton

Smokin’ Purple Monkeys


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