Jurassic-Thunder-TrailerWho wouldn’t want to stop WW3 from happening?  There’s a zombie plague happening in Africa, and so the USA and the Russians attempt to stop the madness by using electronic-controlled dinosaurs that have guns strapped to their heads. When that plan flops (which one can say is part of the movie’s absurdity), they call in the clueless commandos to take over, as I wouldn’t consider someone rubbing dinosaur feces on their face to be the brightest bulb in the bunch.

Jurassic Thunder takes b-movies to a whole new level with bad humour puns throughout. With names like Colonel Sanders (cue all the chicken jokes) and a botched-Botox sausage who resembles President, Donald Trump, you should know what you’re getting into. You may want to have a drink every time Donald Trump says “you’re fried!” I mean, fired.

If you pay attention, the movie does give a nod to Tropic Thunder, Predator, what began as a cool aviator scene, like in Top Gun and obviously, Jurassic Park.

The dinosaurs are lame, as you would expect, clod-hopping around just following orders to kill enemies. There is enough gore and explosive guts. However, aside from what most would say is bad CGI and shoddy camera work,  it was interesting to read about a lot of the detailed modelling work that went into these dino creations.

With the beginning of the movie showing Jurassic Thunder as a comic book and being gently taken out of the original packaging (ooooh!) to tell the story, another cool part was the comic-book panel style meshing. I wish they incorporated that a bit more throughout, but a nice artistic touch that I could appreciate.

All in all, Jurassic Thunder is not going to win any prestige awards, nor will any of the acting probably get any better if there is a part two. There’s little coherency in the story but you can’t go wrong with crazy dinosaurs, blazin’ guns, and drooling zombies, or can you?

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