SearchingIn the midst of perfection, we tend to lie to ourselves, believing that life will always be a smooth straight road. When heartache shows up, it can be a short-term visitor or a long-term tenant that fills your heart with a daily dose of grief.

The movie “Searching” is an intense thriller that has the starting elements of predictability. John Cho plays the role of a workaholic yet grief-stricken father, David Kim, who is trying to deal with the passing of his wife and feeling overwhelmed with raising a teenage daughter, Margot on his own.  Of course, Margot (played by Michelle La) is lost in her own identity, as most 16-year-olds are, but puts on the facade that everything is just fine. As text messages start getting unanswered and no one knows the whereabouts of Margot, David decides to report his daughter missing, and with the help of detective Rosemary Vick, (played by Debra Messing – note she is unlike the beloved “Grace” from the nostalgic tv show Will & Grace!) that’s where the story really begins.


As a parent, when your teen doesn’t return your text message after the third attempt, there is always a nagging feeling at the back of your mind that something is wrong. Sometimes you can brush it off and be reassured that they are probably out with friends or absently once again forgot to charge their phone. The last thing any parent wants to face is that their child is in danger, especially an abduction.

The layers of the film get deeper as the time goes by. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen as the film just grabs you and you feel the emotional wounds that harbour the father. As soon as you piece together the puzzle, you will realize that your assumptions are wrong and you’re back to figuring out the mystery. Very well-paced and just terrific acting.

I will add in that the movie did an impressive job on capturing the social media commentary that often occurs when breaking news stories like topics of kidnapping and abduction come into the public eye. A delicate battle of logic versus emotional appeal that is truly culturally-relevant.

Overall, I would highly recommend checking this movie out. Sometimes when you are searching for answers, you only find half of what lies beneath the actual truth.

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