A collection of three new tracks by Windsor music producer, artist, audio engineer and sound designer Rapzod (or RÆ.muziq as its sometimes styled) were released on January 31. The collection includes Meet An Animal, Muziq X and Rapzod on the Beat (Freestyle).

Following through with his lo-fi / dubstep style of heavy drones for basslines in songs like Party Marz and Hot Sauce, Rapzod is keeping true to the sound he seems to be developing into something new. Meet An Animal comes in at only 2:04 and almost seems like a tease of something yet to come – the raps are slick and the creativity here is pinnacle. His voice has some of the elements of The Weeknd and Drake, but Rapzod is confident treading musical territory neither of them would never dare to go, making for a deeper and darker artist. With lyrics like “Sex Stag, best friend’s of a nex-zag (yep). Best snag, upgrade to a west-frag (yep),” you know he’s on to something beyond The Weeknd’s poppier fluff.


Muziq X has a very cool repetitive word pattern, which really shows Rapzod’s rap ability. It’s the killer track of the three and shows an artist prepped and ready. Rapzod On The Beat (Freestlye) is even slower than the others, with the voice dropped down as well. The music-themed track could easily fit on any of the Saw movie soundtracks.

Overall, the whole vibe feels a bit like a hyper low-fi Force Of Nature collection with a rapper at the helm. He’s cool, unique and not afraid to tread where others might not go. YQG Rocks should have him over for a party sometime.


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