Generation-WealthWhile some people may live paycheque to paycheque, there is an entirely different group of people who hold a position of power where money is no object to what one’s heart desires.

Generation Wealth (directed by Lauren Greenfield) delves into society’s obsession with wealth from celebrity culture to social status around the world and its dire emotional implications.  The film bounces around with different interviews with some of the most richest people around the globe. As an artist, Lauren films these segments in a hyper active intensity that feels a bit overwhelming at times. She also documents her own family’s recollections of life and reflects upon her own demons with the material world.


As we see in the film, there is a price to pay for wealth and that is the true absence of self.  Out of all the interviews that Lauren did, the most poignant moments were the raw footage with tycoon investment banker, Florian Homm. His arrogance starts out as eye-roll worthy, but as he continues to tell his story,  you can feel the pain through his uneasy laughter.  His rise and fall tale is not an uncommon one to hear.

Aside from the designer Fenty bags worth more than what most of us would ever be able to afford in our lifetime to the glamorous show biz facade of being “someone” and getting the best table in the most trendy restaurant, what is the real value to life when it all disappears? It cannot be measured in currency.

The takeaway message that I got from the film is that life needs balance.  How we can achieve that is perplexing, as there are so many demands put upon us and life is a juggling game. Often our judgment gets clouded by the innate need to have it all.

A cautionary hope to be careful what you wish for.

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