Pink Detroit 2023Pink’s electrifying performance at Comerica Park in Detroit on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, left the crowd in awe, delivering a night filled with unforgettable moments and heart-stirring music. The night kicked off in the most daring way possible, as Pink bungee jumped from the top of the colossal stage, setting the tone for the evening’s high-flying theatrics.

Dubbed “Summer Carnival 2023”, the stage had a tropical vibe to it with bright colours, palm trees and dancers pushing large inflatable flamingos. A giant waffle cone and disco ball graced the stage, and the whole vibe was pure summer fun.


Seated at a piano, Pink faced an unexpected challenge during her rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.” A self-described nature girl, Pink admitted the bugs were a distraction and a little unbearable but, she fearlessly powered through the performance, showing her unwavering dedication to her craft and the audience.

One of the most touching moments came when Pink shared the stage with her daughter, Willow Sage Hart. Their rendition of “Cover Me in Sunshine” was a heartwarming display of familial harmony that resonated deeply with the audience. It was clear that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. At 12 years old, Willow already has a remarkable voice and confidence on stage with her mom.

Pink’s emotional connection with her music continued two songs later, as she opened up about the recent loss of her father. She talked about asking her father as he lay dying, what he would like to come back as if he were reincarnated and he humorously said, “A cannibalistic chipmunk” She said after he passed away, a hawk flew through a window in her home and landed on a table and she immediately remarked, “Dad!” Her heartfelt introduction to “Till I Get There,” a track from her latest album “Trustfall,” brought a sense of vulnerability and intimacy to the concert.

The 25-song set list spanned her illustrious career, with a masterful blend of fan favorites and tracks from Trustfall, her most recent release. From chart-topping hits to soul-stirring ballads, Pink’s dynamic vocal range and powerful stage presence captivated every corner of the stadium. The show was a true spectacle, featuring mesmerizing choreography, breathtaking aerobatics, and explosive fireworks that illuminated the night sky.

Each song was a testament to Pink’s versatility as an artist, the passion she poured into her performance was infectious, and it was impossible not to be swept up in the collective euphoria that filled the air. It was a night that transcended mere entertainment, creating an emotional connection between the artist and her audience. Her willingness to share her personal experiences, combined with her exceptional talent, turned the show into an unforgettable experience.

No Pink show is complete without the singer flying through the air over the audience on cables and that she did during the final song, So What. In a massive stadium like Comerica it is just indescribable how spectacular that was to see. As the final notes resonated and the fireworks lit up the sky one last time, it was clear that Pink’s performance had left an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to witness it.

Brandi Carlile Detroit 2023

Brandi Carlile at Comerica Park in Detroit 2023 – photo by Dan Boshart

Opener Brandi Carlile’s return to Detroit was a long-awaited delight for fans, as she graced the stage at Comerica Park. Brandi’s last appearance in the city had been a while ago and she joked that she might be able to fill the stadium if you combined every person she ever played for in Detroit over the years.

Kicking off her set with “Broken Horses” from her latest album “In These Silent Days,” Brandi’s performance was a testament to her status as an American musical treasure. Several times during her eight-song set, her music evoked Canadian music legend Joni Mitchell, who not surprisingly, is Brandi’s musical hero, and now a close friend.

As Brandi left the stage, I was hoping for an encore of at least a couple more songs, alas, it was not meant to be. Detroit can only hope that it won’t be long before Brandi Carlile graces their city again, this time taking center stage to further enchant and captivate her dedicated fans.

Alt rock band Grouplove opened the evening with a high energy seven-song set that the early goers were lucky to witness. I didn’t know much about this group before the show and I was pleasantly surprised. The chemistry between lead vocalists Hannah Hooper and Chris Zucconi is dynamic, and together they form an unbeatable stage presence that makes this a fun band to see live! I hope to catch them on a smaller stage somewhere soon and really immerse myself!

Pink with Brandi Carlile and Grouplove
Comerica Park
Detroit, MI
August 16, 2023

All photos by Dan Boshart


Brandi Carlile




  • Get The Party Started
  • Raise Your Glass
  • Who Knew
  • Just Like a Pill
  • Try
  • What About Us
  • Turbulence
  • Funhouse
  • Make You Feel My Love (Dylan cover)
  • Just Give Me a Reason
  • F**kin Perfect
  • Just Like Fire/Heart Breaker (Partial Pat Benatar cover)
  • Cover Me in Sunshine (Duet with daughter Willow)
  • Don’t Let Me Get Me
  • When I Get There
  • I Am Here
  • Irrelevant
  • No Ordinary Love
  • Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
  • Runaway
  • Never Gonna Not Dance Again
  • Last Call
  • So What

Brandi Carlile

  • Broken Horses
  • You and Me on the Rock
  • The Story
  • Right on Time
  • Creep (Radiohead cover)
  • The Eye
  • Sinners, Saints and Fools
  • The Joke


  • Deleter
  • Cheese
  • Itchin’ on a Photograph
  • Hello
  • Tongue Tied
  • Ways to Go
  • Colours
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