Theo Von - Windsor 2023In an era where every word is weighed, and every jest scrutinized, one might think that edgy and controversial comedy has taken a backseat. Yet, within the confines of Caesars Windsor on Friday night (August 18, 2023), a testament to the contrary unfolded, proving that unfiltered humour still has its devoted audience, hungry for raw, unapologetic laughs.

Von, with his sun-kissed Southern roots and penchant for blending self-deprecating humor with keen observational comedy, never ceases to captivate. He didn’t just take center stage; he commanded it. His hair, ever wild and reminiscent of tales from his rural Louisiana upbringing, seemed to have stories of its own. The night saw him delve into his fascinating encounters from his travels, share quips about modern life’s eccentricities, and effortlessly tackle issues some might shy away from. The atmosphere was electric, with each joke resonating, making attendees feel they were not just spectators but part of a shared comedic experience.


Yet before the audience could fully immerse in Von’s world, they were introduced to the vibrant energy of Neema Nazeri. Nazeri, with his infectious charm, has a gift for turning mundane moments into rich comedic tapestries. He’s on his way to becoming a recognizable face, having already appeared on the popular series The Boys. Tales of his bachelor life weren’t just narrations; they were vivid cinematic experiences. From navigating the world of modern dating to the always unpredictable encounters with family, Nazeri’s set was a heartfelt and hilarious deep dive into the life of a man caught between traditions and contemporary quirks.

Maddy Smith, familiar to many from her roles on MTV/VH1’s ‘Wild N Out’ and MTV’s digital series ‘Smash or Dash’, took authenticity to new comedic heights. Her set, laden with intimate sexual exploits and wildly audacious revelations, had attendees feeling as though they knew more about her personal life, particularly her anatomy, than any other. It’s a rare talent to invite an audience into one’s personal space and have them leave with both amusement and admiration. She belted out a comment that shook the Colosseum to its core: “The only black person I’ve seen since coming to Canada was Justin Trudeau.”

As the evening’s laughter slowly faded into the Windsor night, one thing became resoundingly clear: in a world increasingly cautious and reserved, there remains a cherished space for comedy that pushes boundaries, challenges norms, and reminds us of the profound power of unbridled laughter and in this sense all three comedians brought their own flair to the equation.

Theo Von with Maddy Smith and Neema Nazeri
Caesars Windsor
Windsor, ON
August 18, 2023

All photos by Dan Savoie

Theo Von

Maddy Smith

Neema Nazeri

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