Saving-AbelSome say rock music is on a slow decline, but that wasn’t the case on Wednesday (Jan. 16) when Saving Abel came to Windsor for the only Canadian date of their latest tour.

89x afternoon host Nathan Carr partnered with Rockstar Music Hall to put on one hell of a show, featuring two local bands (Among The Rest and Ignore The Evidence) sharing the stage with the Corinth, Mississippi rock stars.


Saving Abel are best known for the hit singles Addicted and 18 Days, but when they hit the stage at Rockstar, the show was much more than that. It was more than a simple rock show and more than just a good night out – it was a party with our best friends, who at this moment also happened to be really cool rock stars from the south.

Right from the moment they hit the stage, the fans loved it. They took shots with the audience, brought fans on stage with them and they even dragged Windsor rock photographer Dan Boshart on stage to take some photos from the band’s perspective.

One could see how happy fans were and it made the performance so much livelier and more unique. When Saving Abel eventually got to Addicted, they brought Among The Rest and Ignore The Evidence on stage to rock out with them. This made the crowd go insane. When I was looking around and taking videos, the audience was jumping up and down, shaking their heads and singing along. I don’t think I saw anyone not having a good time.

The most memorable moment for me was when they sang 18 Days. While they were performing the song, vocalist Scott Austin grabbed my phone and recorded the band and the crowd and then handed it back to me, continuing on with his rock and roll duty, as if it was nothing it all.

Once it was over, the massive chants of “Saving Abel, Saving Abel!” and “Encore, Encore!” echoed throughout the hall.

It was a rock show that will not only be cemented in my memory, but also into Windsor’s vast musical history.

Among The Rest was the first band to take the stage and kick off the night. They’re a metal/alternative band who are very passionate about the music they play. The band formed in 2010 when they started jamming and three years later they created the band. In 2017, Among The Rest released their first five-song EP and they’ve played several gigs in the area. Wednesday’s performance was absolutely amazing. The band involved the audience, was full of energy and had the crowd going crazy.

This was my first time seeing this band perform – it was also my first time hearing their music, and all I can say is “Wow.” During the show, lead singer Anthony Giacalone also asked the audience to shake their heads, jump up and down and other acts of pure fun. The entire band interacted with the audience and the fans loved it.

The second band to perform was Ignore the Evidence, another Windsor act. Their genre of music falls under sub-rock, whether its alternative, grunge, pop-rock, classic rock or garage rock. The band has a very unique sound to them, which shows influences like Foo Fighters, Weezer, The Guess Who and Black Label Society. The band released their debut album, Ignore the Evidence on April, 16, 2018.

This band was a little bit more relaxed on stage. They interacted with the audience, gave everything to the performance and created a very unique live experience. Each song during their show had a different feel to it. Although it was all rock in the end, the song slightly shifted from soft to heavy and then to alternative rock sounds. A unique thing about Ignore The Evidence is their ability to change singers throughout the show. Normally, things like that change the dynamic of the band, but with Ignore the Evidence, that is not the case. There were some songs that sounded amazing when the other singers were performing them.

Among The Rest and Ignore The Evidence were the perfect compliment to a great evening of powerhouse rock.




Amongst the Rest

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