Dr. Seuss books have always been a favourite of mine. I would read them in a box. And I would read them with a fox. I would read them here and there and I would read them anywhere. And now I can say, I saw them come to life on stage in the Ville of Kings.

Seussical is a pretty hot property to take on. The characters are legendary, big and colourful, and they bring out memories of the books we grew up (and are growing up) on. For this Kingsville production, a large ensemble cast, a great band (Music Express) and choir were assembled – about 90 or so talented individuals.

Migration Hall has been staging musicals and theatre for a few years and it shows heavily in this production. There is a lot of attention to performance, choreography, vocals and even minute details – like the kid’s choir, who wore a selection of colourful t-shirts marked Sing 1 and Sing 2 as they sang along on the side of the stage.

While, it’s hard to pick out people in such a large ensemble, Dane Fader made for a fantastic Cat In The Hat, with a flamboyant and over-the-top flair Dr. Seuss would have loved. David Sivak was great as Horton the Elephant and Stephanie Allen Santos was pretty flashy as Mayzie La Bird, the carefree and playful bird that leaves Horton stuck in a tree with her egg.

There’s not much to flaw in this production, it was entertaining, had great songs, great characters and all the actors were on point – from the Cat in the Hat to any of the Whos in Whoville – it really made no difference who the character was, all came through and kept us entertained the the entire show; even when the lights accidentally went out for about a minute.

Costuming was exciting, flashy and colourful. It might have been a bit more satisfying if the Cat and Horton were made up to look like their actual drawn characters with some makeup and costuming, but the human representation here worked well enough for the show. The birds were fabulous and the Whos looked just like the Whos from the Grinch cartoon.

The show was directed by Cyndy Silvius

Actors include Dane Fader, David Sivak, Emily Richard, Becca Silvius, Felicia Heron, Ray Silvius, Teresa Mazzella, Stephanie Allen Santos, Mike Deimling, Kyle C. Haight, Emily Deimling, Alley Biniarz, Hope Forman, Kelsey Laliberty, Emily LeClair, Dominik Jezierski, Elise Pillon, Dylan Dundas Emily Garrod, Ryan Hallick, Clare Janisse, Paul Jerierski, Emma LeBrun, Parker Morin, Larissa Porteous, Emelia Santos, Trisha Thrasher, Abigail Wearne and Hope Faorman.

Rainbow Choir and Music Moves Kids Choir members include Morgan Audet, Abigail Bene, Kimmy Dobson, Addison Duarte, Vivian Duarte, Natalie Garrod, Michael Gerenda, Nico Gerenda, Olivia Jones, Eva Spicer, Megan Wuerch, Maddie Audet, Jocelyn Bennett, Brooke Dominguez, Aggie Hansor, Presley Jadischke, Hanna Martin, Julia Martin and Gracyn Will.

Music Express is Beth Dykeman, Liz Coulthard, Rachel Lewis, Susi Dupuis, Tina Fabischek, Jackie Mailloux, Laura Santarossa, Wendy Peters, Sarah McCallum, Baily Dezeil, Linda Savenye, Alan Beterbaugh, Amanda Hanson, Savanna Muscat, Alison Stoll, Jonah Hall, Connor Virtue, Barry Rumball, Adrien Gagnon, Taylor Unis and Khalid Baksh.

The Music Express Choir is Arlene Bryce-Hanson, Linda Dalley, Mary Gloster, Mary Kay Hogan, Amanda McMahon, Kathy Langlois, Geralyn O’Briend, Barb Van Niekerk, Jessica Westley, Pattie DiMaggio, Sharon Hocevar, Kathleen McMahon, Kathleen Paterson, Michelle Santin, Julia Santin, Carol Sitler, Janet Snaden, Carol Sitler, Janet Snaden, Greg Iler, Art Brunet, Andy Carscadden, Mitch Snaden and Jo Van Niekerk.

If you get a chance to check out Seussical at Migration Hall this weekend, do it. It’s wholesome fun for the whole family. Shows run at 8pm tonight (Saturday March 3) and 2pm on Sunday (March 4). Tickets from $16.50 – $24.00 –Click Here To Buy Tickets Online.

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