Swollen-membersAfter reuniting earlier this year for two new singles, Swollen Members — Madchild, Prevail and Rob The Viking — have announced their first-ever live album titled Live At The Fox Theatre. The Canadian rappers will be appearing at Rockstar Music Hall tonight (Sept. 27, 2018) as part of their Family Reunion Tour which began earlier this month in Alberta. The group then heads to London tomorrow for a show at Old East 765 Bar and Grill.

We spoke to founding member Prevail about the new 14-track album that captures the Canadian Hip Hop group’s explosive live show on record during a sold-out concert at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado.

1. You have a pretty indepth tour across canada
2. You guys must be pretty hyped about the upcoming live album
3. For a group known for live performances, it took a long time for a live album.
5. How did a Vancouver boy end up in a Juno Award winning hip hop group
6. Does being Canadian provide something different or unique apart from the hip hop groups in the US
7. It's been a few years since the last album.
8. Is there something that you feel still needs to be said in hip hop. The Style always evolves and grows
9. And you want to stay true to yourself and your own sound as well.
10. Let's chat about Bank Job. It sounds like a road song.
11. It's clever the way you count up in the lyrics while Madchild counts down. Something like that takes a bit more creativity then just a straight forward rap
12. You rarely swear, is that a conscious effort.
13. Do you ever write down words or poetry lyrics that you want to have later in one of your songs.
14. Homicide sounds like it could fit on any of the older albums. It has that signature Swollen Members sound.
15. Do you have any good memories of London, Kitchener, Guelph or Windsor
16. I can't have you on the phone and also not ask about the status of Alpha Omega

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