Love-of-Late-NightAfter the successful debut of Tall Tale Theatre’s original production of A Bad Man’s World in May, they’re at it again. If you were lucky enough to be in the audience for that first production, you might remember it as a drama focusing on real life situations. This time Tall Tale Theatre is switching it up by diving into a comedy called For the Love of Late Night. Both shows were written by Michael Krym, who is also the co-founder of the company.

For the Love of Late Night follows the story of talk show host Jimmy McCrae who is starting to fall out of the spotlight because of all of the new celebrities and social media stars. He can’t stand not being in the limelight and will do whatever it takes to stay there. Throughout the show, you’ll meet some of the crazy stars being interviewed on his talk show – celebrities like pop singer Patricia Clark, who is the new and improved Rebecca Black, and Kiki, who gained fame from the popularity of her YouTube channel.


“We watched a lot of Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and David Letterman clips,” said actors Eric Branger and Somerville Black. “We watched how they interacted with their guests to help build our own characters.”

Although many of the interviews were great to watch, they laughed and explained that some of the worst performances actually inspired some of the best material for this original play.

“The show sometimes changes depending on the audience,” said Branget. “They are our sixth audience member and will be very involved in the show.”

The cast of For the Love of Late Night originally premiered the show on May 26 for one night at Cooper’s Hawk Vineyard and are preparing to bring it and Bad Man’s World to Toronto for a double feature at The Box Theatre. There, they’ll perform Bad Man’s World, take a 45-minute break to change sets, get into the mindset of new characters and then hit the stage again for Late Night.

“The audience won’t know what to expect,” explained the actors, “We are going from an emotional show to a crazy over the top satire.”

Four of the five actors have never performed in Toronto before and are excited to take on a new stage, a new audience and a new city. After their performances in the 416, they’ll return home to stage For The Love of Late Night in Windsor.

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For the Love of Night
July 19-21st at 8pm
July 26th-28th at 8pm
Sho Studios
628 Monmouth, Windsor
Tickets are $20.00 each (available at the door or online)

Written and Directed by Michael J. Krym

Eric Branget as Jimmy McCrae
Somerville Black as Patricia Clark
Kyle Kimmerly as Damian Marlow
Shannon Pitre as Kiki
Darius Rath as Gary

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