Danielle BradberyYou can’t win a television show like The Voice if you don’t have… that special voice. Season four winner Danielle Bradbery has brought that voice to the public on her own for the last six years since she appeared on the show, scoring a string of singles, including last year’s Goodbye Summer with Thomas Rhett, along the way.

She’ll be making her way to Boots and Hearts, Canada’s largest country music festival at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Oro-Medonte, Ontario on Friday, Aug. 10. She’ll be joining artists like Cole Swindell and Maren Morris that day.


We had a chat with Danielle about her rise to fame and her latest single – a cover of A Star Is Born’s Shallow.

You just released the cover of Shallow. Why did you choose that song?
Well, I actually heard the song before I saw the movie and everybody was kind of taking their own spin at it and it seemed to be such a huge and popular song really quick. When I heard the song I thought, “This sounds like a good country song.” I mean I feel like if this was released as a country song from a country artist, I feel like it would do really, really well. And just conversations back and forth with me, my label asked me if I would take my spin on it. And I was like, “I mean of course it’s a really, really amazing song.” So we went in the studio and just kind of worked on it a little bit.

A good friend of mine who’s a really great artist, Parker McCollum from Texas, just sang Bradley Cooper’s part, because his voice sounded perfect for that part and we had him in the studio in Nashville and it just all kind of fell into place the way it was supposed to. It turned out really, really fun. And I was so happy that a lot of people loved it.

When you first listen to it, it seems like it could have been a country song from the very beginning.
Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I first heard the song with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It’s a very storytelling song and that’s what country music is and it just flowed really, really well and I was excited to sing on it and make it kind of my own. So it was really fun.

It seems like you love and you’re really good at taking a cover song and putting your own spin on it. And that even goes back to your time on The Voice, what is it about covers that makes you want to put your own touch to them?
I feel like all of us, we grew up singing other people’s songs and it’s just how everything starts I think. You sing in your car, and for me personally, I sang in my bedroom when I was younger to other people’s songs. How I got introduced to the country music industry was through The Voice and that’s all we did. We would try to make these covers my own. And so it just kind of flowed that way. And that’s how I got introduced into this world and I just continued with it. And I love hearing and singing other people’s songs and I love all genres. So I think that’s a big part of why I like to go out of the box a little bit and continue those covers.

Because my fans are used to hearing that from me, from the show and being on The Voice. And I think it’s a familiarity for my fans and I think it’s fun for them too.

In the end of 2018 you did a Yours Truly Project. There’s three incredible cover tunes on that. So why did you decide to make a memoir 2018 through cover songs?
I love doing those types of series when I’m not really doing a big project in that moment or I don’t have any content to really release for my fans and keep my voice heard. And it being something I really do love to do. I think just putting out music constantly is something that I love to do, whether it’s mine or not.

Everything seems to come really fast for you after winning The Voice, but I want to know what was the first thing you did after winning?
Yeah, it was really fast. The first thing I did, I think I remember I traveled like crazy. I flew straight to New York and performed on the Today Show the next day, it was an early morning in New York. And then I went straight to Nashville, Tennessee to record my very first single, Heart Of Dixie. And so those were the two huge first things I did after The Voice.

And I didn’t get to go home just yet. But once I did, it was really nice to sit down for a second and soak everything in. I feel like I still kind of do that. I like to have me time and soak everything in and I’ll still think about those next couple of days after winning The Voice. And it was just such a whirlwind but such an amazing experience.

Join Danielle and tons of other amazing country artists at Boots and Hearts from Aug. 8 to 11.

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