President-EvilGet out of your safe spaces and enter a satirical mindfu*k that feels like the love child of 4Chan and Buzzfeed.

President Evil, directed by Richard Lowry, doesn’t hold back parodying all the social commentaries on the political spectrum. If you can think of any stereotype, chances are it’s in this movie.


The movie follows the rhythm of Michael Myers Halloween horror flick, where someone dressed as President Donald Trump is on the war path against anyone who is not a conservative idealogue. It has all the horror tropes, such as the walking slasher vs the running victim, jump scares and second-take disappearances.

While the film did have some humourous moments, mostly from the utterly ridiculous exaggerations, it also had some that were cringe-worthy, such as the Sheriff who was completely incompetent. I particularly laughed hardest at the Trump character when he was looking directly at the solar eclipse, the awkward bromance with Dr. Lutin (aka Putin) as well as the appearance of his baby hands.

If you are someone who is not very politically-savvy, you may miss the over-abundance of references. I don’t think this movie was intended for the average viewer. I can forgive the low budget and bad acting, but with such a limited demographic appeal is where the movie fails.

President Evil is available on Demand (Amazon and other platforms).

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