South River SlimThis article first appeared in the August issue of 519 Magazine.

South River Slim loves to have fun with his music and it shows greatly in his live shows. The Windsor music scene regular headlined the Bluestowne Stage at this year’s Bluesfest
Windsor and stole the crowd away from mainstage headliners like Colin James and Pat Travers.


Slim grew up in, you guessed it, South River as Sean Rivers. It’s a small village near Algonquin Park in the Almaguin Highlands region of the Parry Sound District of Ontario. The small town wasn’t big enough to hold his dreams, so the young musician packed his bags and ended up in the 519 in Windsor where he adopted the name of his home town. Here, he’s enthralled audiences with his unique blend of blues, rock, country and old rhythm using such tools as a Hohner harmonica, tube amps, a Green Bullet microphone, jumbo-sized acoustic guitars and old school resonators. That’s an eclectic mix that begs the question asked on his new maxi-single CD cover Who the Fuck is South River Slim?

“You tell me,” Slim laughs during an interview with 519 Magazine. “I don’t really know myself. I suppose that’s why that question is out there. I have all this good stuff coming up for me at the moment and the new CD Who the Fuck is South River Slim? is just the start. I’m just a country boy who moved to the big city and is enjoying all the things that I can do with music. I enjoy exposing people to the blues – and not just the blues they think they know, but also the roots of the blues, which has a little bit of country.

For me it’s all about rockabilly rock ‘n roll. So I’m still finding out who the fuck South River Slim is. I’m hoping other people will help find out too.”

His current singles Buckle Up Baby and Under The Soil About Six Feet have generated
numerous plays on Spotify and are quickly becoming live favourites. They are featured on the new maxi-single CD and may end up on his forthcoming album that he’s been working
towards releasing.

“I write stuff constantly,” he noted. “I have notebooks and everything with me all the time. I carry notebooks with me wherever I go. I’ve got song ideas piled up everywhere and sometimes, just sometimes, they age like a fine wine.”

South River Slim has a great line of t-shirts bearing his questionable slogan. Fans can grab them at many of his shows throughout the area. Visit him on Facebook.

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