Melinda Munro has been a member of the Chorale since 2004 and is looking forward to a show of romantic tunes.

“We always perform so much of the sad stuff in the fall, so for Valentine ’s Day we wanted to do something light and romantic,” she said of the program. “This is going to be both romantic and kind of funny at the same time. The songs are very cute and funny tunes about falling in love, young people in meadows and things like that. Then we’ll have a series of songs that are actually about food by composer P.D.Q. Bach about onions, Thyme and rutabagas.”


The show will include two choral pieces called “If Music Be The Food Of Love…”, composed by David Dickhau and Jean Belmont, as well as “There Is Sweet Music” by Edward Elgar.
Kotowich highlights The Chorale’s 36 voices with Love Madrigals by various composers, and the concert features a special piece conducted by Director Emeritus Dr. Richard Householder. The Classic Chorale will be accompanied by pianist Monique Simone and February’s concert will feature soloists from within the choir’s membership, including a duet featuring Munro.

Munro is also a big fan of Valentine’s Day itself, so the combination of the special day and a special concert is something she’s really looking forward to.

“My husband and I always seem to celebrate Valentine’s Day in some way,” she said. “We also celebrate our anniversary of course, but we always make sure we’re together and celebrating Valentine’s Day as a couple. Last year my husband was working in France – he’s a professor at a University – so I flew over to be with him on Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day.”

“If Music Be The Food Of Love…” takes place at the Paulin Memorial Presbyterian Church (3200 Woodland Ave) on Saturday (February 10) at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 or $10 for students and are available by cash at Earnest Bagel, 3041 Dougall Ave. or online.


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