One Bad Son

A crowd gathered at the Dominion House this past Friday (Nov. 10) waiting for the arrival of popular Saskatchewan rockers One Bad Son to make their appearance in Windsor. The band was in town on tour to support their new album Made in the Name of Rock n Roll.

Several fans dressed in logo’d t-shirts rocked out while a few young women gathered in the front row for their chance to get up close and personal with these prairie rock heroes. The atmosphere was electric as a large OBS logo was lifted on stage by crew members. Fog littered the stage and red lights glowed as the band entered a room full of adoring fans.


Fans cheered as the music flooded the air over taking any inch of silence that was left remaining. The bass shook the floor, the drums vibrated your chest and the electric guitar had you throwing your head in circles; even if you did not have the hair to head bang.
Lead singer Shane Connery Volk got up close and personal while fans sang out each lyric one-by-one. He wasn’t shy reaching for hands or give a girl a moment worthy of her dreams with a subtle wink.

The 13-year-old rock band kept up the momentum all night. Everyone was moving and screaming well into the late hours as the band plowed through older hits like Scarecrow (from their 2012 self-titled album) as well as newer material like the number one hit single Raging Bull from the latest album. Even their latest single Scream For Me got the crowd rev’d up.

Additionally, the band played an awesome cover of Soundgarden’s Spoonman which fit well in the set list and played for an phenomenal tribute to the late Chris Cornell. Overall it felt like a short set, but was quite satisfying for all in attendance.

Guitarist Adam Hicks is the quintessential rock guitarist, drummer Kurt Dahl pounded like a monster and new bassist Steve Adams is making a solid impression on his first tour.

As someone who’s never seen them before, I was impressed with not only their stage performance, but their ability to connect with the audience – that’s a unique skill not every band can accomplish. The band even made a point to stay after the show to hang out with the fans, taking pictures and just hanging out. It felt like they were in the crowd all night long.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and I even debated whether or not to go to the show, but I’m glad I did. The adrenaline was breathtaking. If One Bad Son comes your way, I guarantee this is a band worth checking out.

All photos by Jose Ed Ramirez

Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll
Rise Up
Raging Bull
It Ain’t Right
The Promise
Black Buffalo
Psycho Killer
Scream For Me
Spoonman (Soundgarden)
Retribution Blues
Satellite Hotel


One Bad Son

One Bad Son

One Bad Son

One Bad Son

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