Rob Tymec Windsor Ghost WalksAs Restrictions start lifting more and more, people are looking to get out of the house and find things to do. Rob Tymec from Monkeys With A Typewriter Theatre Company is trying to help with that by hosting a Special Summer Edition of his Spirits of Sandwich Ghost Walk.

“I normally only conduct these tours in the Fall.” Tymec admits, “But these unusual circumstances have prompted me to do something a little different.”


The Ghost Walks he ran last Fall were quite successful. At the time, outdoor events were allowed a maximum capacity of 100 people. The tours were well-received and strongly attended. People were especially happy that it was taking place outside.

“Folks were eager to enjoy live theatre last Fall.” the Ghost Walk Host affirms, “But reluctant to gather in groups in an indoor environment. So creating live entertainment outside had a great appeal.”

So much so, that people have been craving the event now that the latest Lockdown seems to be ending. And, apparently, Fall was too far away.

Ghostbusters“I was getting messages from both people I knew and total strangers.” Rob explains, “All of them asking if I would do a Ghost Walk earlier than the Fall. They didn’t want to wait that long. So I’ve been watching the rate at which Restrictions have been lowering and estimated when it would be appropriate to bring the Event back. Fortunately, conditions are finally favorable. People won’t have to wait ’til Fall, after all.”

The wait, in fact, will only be a few more weeks. Tours will start up near the end of August and run into early September. They will be in the same format as the last occasion. Rob will host the event by himself (he usually hires a few actors to help tell ghost stories with him but is performing solo to keep things a bit safer). He’ll walk groups through Sandwich and point out various buildings that are said to be haunted and share some of the more fascinating stories behind them. There will even be a bit of a history lesson going on at the same time. Essentially, you’ll learn about Sandwich Towne in a creepy-but-fun way.

Does this mean there won’t be a Fall Edition of the Spirits of Sandwich Ghost Walk?

“I will bring it back in October but execute it in the more traditional way.” Rob reveals, “The story arrangement will change up a bit. It will still contain some tales from the Summer version but there will be some different ones in there, too. And I’ll be adding, at least, one more Host who will appear in unexpected places and provide a few jump scares! So if you want to walk both of them, you won’t be getting the exact same thing twice. There will be some variation.”

It looks like Sandwich Towne will be twice as creepy as it normally is for 2021!

For more information on the tours, call 226 344 3814 or email

SPECIAL NOTE: The tours will adhere to whatever restrictions are still in effect at the time it is being conducted.

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