Taja HolmesWe at 519 are always interested in promoting and introducing up and coming artists to our readers. Today, we feature seven questions with nineteen year old Amherstburg singer/songwriter Taja Holmes.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a singer and what was your earliest musical training or experiences?
I was very young, around age 7-8. I was in school plays and performed solo performances throughout elementary school. My father (Les Holmes) has always done music professionally and he trained me and my sisters from an early age.


Also in secondary school, I stayed in the music program and always performed solos and scored at the very top of my class.

Who are your musical mentors or inspirations and how would you describe your style?
My musical mentors are my father Les Holmes and his long time friend and musical partner Donnie Lyle. I’m inspired by artists from the past and present. These include, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Rhianna, Khelani, SZA, Snoh Aalegra, some alternative music and musical movie soundtracks.

How many songs have you written to date and what do you like to write about?
Not sure exactly how many, as I’ve never counted, but I began writing my own material and playing keyboards at age eleven. I like to write about relationships and life experiences, but also vibes that make me want to dance.

What is your major at school and what are your long term plans besides becoming a successful singer/songwriter?
Right now I’m focusing on Kinesiology and the medical field. I would like to be a physiotherapist or doctor at some point in my future.

Tell us about your distribution agreement with Sony/Orchard/Mardinee.
The agreement is on a song by song basis where Sony/Orchard/Mardinee distribute my material to platforms such as, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, WHOMAG?, and NV Music Channel.

You’ve done a couple of benefit performances, is there a charity or cause that you feel passionate about?
I am an advocate for mental health and I also support S.A.C.U (Save African Children Uganda.)

What are you currently working on and where can people find your music to give it a listen?
I am currently working on more material and people can find it on my YouTube Channel: Taja Holmes Official Channel, Taja Holmes – by Radial on YouTube, as well as Apple Music, Spotify Music, Google Play and some American radio stations.

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