Morning-SacrifceWindsor’s University Players are diving into the 1942 psychological drama Morning Sacrifice for an intimate studio performance at Hatch Studio Theatre from February 28 to March 8. The Dymphna Cusack play deals with the lives and experiences of women as they challenge or conform to society’s expectations.
The show is set in the staff room of a girls’ high school in Australia on the eve of the Second World War. Miss Portia Kingsbury, the dominating assistant to Headmistress Woods, rules with an iron fist over the women of Easthaven Girls’ High. After a seeming scandal seeks to disrupt the monotony of the day-to-day routine, Kingsbury leaps to the offensive, challenging all those who step out of line. Caught in her crosshairs is the young Sheila Ray, a new teacher whose ideas about life and love are anything but the norm. Teachers take sides in this thrilling melodrama – leaving poor Sheila to defend herself alone against her one-time mentor and friend.
“Playwright Dymphna Cusack refers to the women in this show as second-class citizens,” says director Sarah Kitz, “In addition to the traps that these women face, still familiar to so many of us – economic hardship, social respectability politics, gendered double standards – she points at the high cost of in-group fighting rather than solidarity in an oppressed class. In our contemporary take on this period drama, we are including a modern perspective which underlines the cost of performing old oppressions as a way of keeping them alive and well.”
Morning Sacrifice opens February 28 with an 8pm performance at the Hatch Studio Theatre. The show runs approximately 2.5 hours. Recommended for ages 14+. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at or by calling the box office at 519-253-3000 x2808. Regular price tickets start at $19.

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