Debra DiGiovanni

Canadian comedian Debra Digiovanni grew up just down the highway in Tillsonburg, Ontario, but headed for the bright lights of Toronto more than 15 years ago to see what the world of comedy would bring her. Her amazing journey now brings her to the Chrysler Theatre on Saturday (Feb. 3) for a night of fun and laughs.

“I often talk about whatever is going on with my life at that moment, so we’ll see what Windsor brings out of me,” Digiovanni told YQG Rocks in an interview while on the road for her latest tour. “I’m not a blue comic. I talk about adult things and I might even use curse words, so this show is not for 12-year-olds. For me it’s all bout fun. Let’s have a laugh, relax and enjoy ourselves.”


The comic is on a bit of a roll. She’s a four-time winner at the Canadian Comedy Awards and appears on Match Game and Video On Trial, as well a regular at Just For Laughs. She recently recorded a comedy special for CraveTV that’s expected to be available before the summer and she’s currently out on the road crisscrossing across North America.

“Recording the CraveTV thing was so fun,” she said. “I think it will be a series that they’re going to start that I hope will get a great response and then it can keep going with Canadian comedians. The difference between comedy and acting is that comedians just want to be ourselves, that’s sort-of our catch. I’ve been really lucky that I get to be ME on Video on Trial or on Match Game or whatever, but I would like to do more acting it seems like a good time.”

The CraveTV show was created in a partnership with Just For Laughs and will feature three episodes this year, including ones for Darcy Michael and Graham Chittenden, as well as Digiovanni.

She’s not known as someone who hogs the spotlight. On this trip, she’s bringing along her friend Ted Morris to open the show.

While she doesn’t include as many Tillsonburg jokes in her set as she used to, Digiovanni is still a Tillsonberger at heart.

“I do have the occasional moment when I look around and think I’m still just a girl from Tillsonburg,” she revealed. “But Toronto is now my home and comedy is my life. You know I started when I was 27. I had a job and an apartment, and saying I’m quitting my job to do stand-up was just me taking a chance. It was a just leap of faith and I’m really glad I took it because it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Comedians are often known to just go with it. In some instances that can cause regret over a bit or a comedy act that pushed the limits too far. Digiovanni says she’s had a couple moments.

“Sometimes the world can get mad at what celebrities and comedians do or come up with, but for whatever reason, sometimes our filters might not work as well as they should,” she said. “Sometimes we get into in a moment when something strikes us as funny and then you look around and realize that maybe this not a good piece of information to give or reveal. I just want to connect with the audience a little bit and just give you a really good belly laugh.”

One thing for sure is that the Chrysler Theatre stage will be one funny place on Saturday night.

Tickets for the show start at $35 are available at

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