Although it’s been out for a little bit, we didn’t want to end the year without reviewing the debut EP from up and coming Windsor singer/songwriter Alexa Carroccia (Alexa).

The 16-year-old powerhouse went into Polaris Recording Studios earlier this year to record Years, a collection of six-songs with performer/producer Richy Nix. The result is an assortment of deeply emotional pop songs and ballads filled with soul and passion. Showcasing her emotionally mature lyrics and an exciting pop sensibility, Years shows strong similarities to Adele and Alessia Cara, with a few hints of soul and Motown thrown in.


The CD begins with the slickly produced title track which is the biggest sounding of all the songs on the EP. It’s a good introduction to her voice and shows sparks of a bigger and bolder sound yet to come. It’s followed with Escape, an airy pop song she used for a stylish music video (available on YouTube).

However, far and above, the most powerful track on the CD is the song Now, an emotional ballad which speaks of loss and sadness. It feels as if she’s closing a chapter in her life through the song lyrics and its sung with passion. She sings passages like “I want you back” and “Can’t you come back now, why did you leave me now” with the conviction of someone twice her age. The live version on her YouTube page shows that this song is not a studio creation – this is what Alexa is all about and this could be the type of song that sets her apart from others.

She’s been writing and recording for the last couple years and has compiled a unique collection of cover songs on her YouTube page including versions of songs by Hozier, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera and Adele.

While there’s still a little way to go, Alexa is a dazzling young pop princess in the making, boasting the same kind of versatility and voice that made Adele and Alessia Cara stars.

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