PAT_TRAVERS_PR_PHOTOCanadian blues rocker Pat Travers returns to Windsor on Sunday, April 14 for an intimate show at Rockstar Music Hall, ending his current April tour in the Rose City. The talkative frontman checked in with 519 for a lengthy interview.

While most of his cohorts hailed from the US, Toronto’s Pat Travers has been rocking across the world since 1976 and enjoyed a tremendous amount of success with the live 1979 album Live! Go for What You Know (Live at Opry House 1979) which contained a hard rock cover of the classic blues song Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) – written by harmonica player Stan Lewis and first recorded by Little Walter in 1957.

We had a chat with Pat about the 40th anniversary of that album and single, as well as some great memories of Rush from the early 70s.

1. Happy Birthday
2. Are you doing anything special for your birthday?
3.Live Go For What You Know is 40 years old.
4. It was such a groundbreaking album. Was there something magical when recording it?
5. What made live albums so special back then?
6. Was there other stuff recorded or just the 8 songs?
7. If you had them would you release them?
8. How did you come across Boom Boom?
9. I don't think a song like that could be written today without offending someone.
10. It's cool when you find an old blues gem and make it your own. I'm sure there are more unfound gems still out there?
11. With compilations and live releases, you've released about 40 albums. That's quite a legacy you've given the world.
12. Its cool how a song will resinate with someone for years.
13.There have been many great members of the Pat Travers Band. Band lineup changes are not easy, but must be satisfying to look back at some of the guys that were there?
14. You went on tour with Rush during their A Farewell to Kings touri. Do you remember much from that tour?
15. Rush was known for their almost legendary pie fight with KISS. Did they prank you or have you had your share of onstage pranks?
16. You were at Bluesfest Windsor last year and now you're coming to Rockstar this month. Do you have any fond or fun memories of Windsor?


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