recordWhen it comes to running a record store these days, a quote from a Talking Heads song ‘This Must Be The Place’ is very appropriate. “Always for love, never for money”.

That is why a celebration of their longevity is so exciting to not just the owners of these stores, but even more so to their devoted customers. The Annual International Record Store Day is that event. Being held on Saturday, April 13 this year, stores around the world will have 100’s of exclusive releases, mostly on vinyl records, available to the happy shoppers.


With coordinated work by record labels, distributors and musicians, this year is looking to be the best yet in what is being offered to the shops. Jim Cuddy, Wintersleep, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, Mark Ronson, Glorious Sons are just a few of the many that will have items available. This years official Canadian Ambassadors are The Trews, who have a special 2 LP edition of ‘Den of Thieves’ included in the long list of exclusives. Record Store Day is better than Christmas for music lovers.

Having said that, RSD resembles Christmas in another way. Stores do not know exactly what they are getting until the deliveries start coming in. Not only are the releases exclusive to independent stores, but most are very limited in number pressed. At Sarnia’s Cheeky Monkey, they order almost every title being released, and hope for the best. To make it fair for all the customers who support a real bricks and mortar store such as Cheeky Monkey, the participating stores are required to sign a pledge to not take advance orders or sell RSD items on line prior to the date.

Cheeky Monkey is proud to be helping raise funds again this year for the charity MusiCounts. Last year, Cheeky Monkey along with kind contributions of customers, helped raised over $2,400 as 1 of almost 60 stores selling limited edition Sheepdog pins across Canada which went towards purchasing instruments for kids who need them most.
This year, Kevin Hearn and friends have created a 12 inch EP, The Superhero Suite, and have decided to donate the proceeds to MusiCounts! 100% of the purchase price will go to MusiCounts.

Adding to the festivities there will be giveaways (while supplies last) and draws for the latest Polaris Collaboration Session 7” featuring Jennifer Castle & The Weather Station along with other surprise items. Also, once again this year, local singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Mike Blackmore will be entertaining everyone with his music and wit. Of note is the fact that Record Store Day is the only day that Cheeky Monkey has a sale. In general, their philosophy is to offer fair prices at all times, no gimmicks, but RSD is different.  Having a sale is their way of saying “thank you” to all the loyal customers and friends.

If you’re a music fan, make sure you visit your local independent record shops. In Sarnia, that place is Cheeky Monkey.

For more information, it is recommended to sign up for the Cheeky Monkey weekly e-newsletter. Not only does it give you updates on what is new in the store and events going on in the area, but also subscribers will get a Special Edition email the night before Record Store Day with the list of what exclusive release they did get.  Sign up at Even better stop into Cheeky Monkey, located at 130 Christina Street North downtown Sarnia from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 13 and join in the fun of shopping at a real record & more store where the owners will tell you they do what that do because it is always for love, never for money.

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