Performing for a packed theatre of friends, family and fans, Teaze put on a show for the ages this weekend (April 6) at Olde Walkerville Theatre.

Mark “Pawnman” Bradac, Brian Danter, Michael Kozak and newest member Charlie Lambrick gave fans an experience to remember with a lengthy set of songs spanning their relatively short, but prolific, career. The stage setup was a very cool retro design befitting the era, featuring stacks of speaker cabinets with Teaze logos on either side and a double kick Tama drum kit also featuring the band’s logo.


Guitarist and founder Mark Bradac dressed in funky white high tops and pork pie hat. He changed hats a couple of times during the show, at one point having an assistant hand him a hat and hold a large ornate mirror while he checked himself in the mirror for comic affect.

Let’s not forget why they were here though: the music. And the music was good and loud!

The band rehearsed for several months for this reunion and the results showed in their performance. The musicianship was great and the band was having a grand time playing for the crowd. The interaction between them onstage made it evident that these guys were life-long friends and having a blast.

Mike Kozak claimed to have not touched his drums for about 25 years, but you wouldn’t have known it from his playing. He was killing the skins and stood up several times to the delight of the crowd. Brian Danter’s voice has changed a little with age, but not for the worse – if anything it’s matured, having stayed in shape as a music pastor all these years.

The band was joined by back-up singers Lynne Serridge-Bradac, Mark’s wife, with Lynn Danter and Bethany Danter, Brian’s wife and daughter respectively. Original guitarist Chuck Price made an appearance during their one radio hit, Sweet Misery and reappeared during the encore. Chuck wasn’t up for the full reunion, but agreed to play in a limited capacity.

Dusty D’Annunzio opened the show with a lone acoustic set.

All proceeds from the show went to local charity “Kids Beating Cancer”, a program run by In Honour of the Ones We Love.

All photos by Dan Boshart, 27th Floor Photography:


Dusty D’Annunzio:

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