The Giggle MatFull of energy and passion, The Giggle Mat idea sprouted from Melissa Arditti and Bill Nuvo’s creative brains during this devastating worldwide pandemic.

This online children’s show was made out of love with the hope to provide a few extra smiles, boundless laughter, along with learning, singing, dancing, magic and so many surprises along the way.


Going on the fifth episode now, children can watch every first of the month with their grown-ups and of course re-watch over and over again!
With a fun theme planned out, children are bound to learn something new and exciting to share with a friend or two.

The show has blossomed into a beautiful collaboration featuring Mr. Purpleman, a magical mime; Dizzy, an energetic snow monkey; a singing and story-telling librarian, Miss Kate (Kate Reynolds); and who could forget, Uncle PJ (Joseph Peplinski), the lovable and wacky juggler and magician.

Everyone is local to the area, except Uncle PJ who hails from nearby Kitchener-Waterloo – part of this glorious 519 area. He was brought onto the show for his personality and children can’t help but smile and cheer him on when he’s telling his nostalgic “Papa Johnny!” stories.

The theme song is an ear-worm; you’re going to be singing it, humming it and dancing to it. The lyrics are the heart of everything The Giggle Mat has tried to accomplish on the show and its cast and creators stand by “Just be yourself with a rainbow inside and be who you are on The Giggle Mat.”

The team couldn’t have created this empowering song without the Giggle crew, which also includes Jarrod Dileva and Celine Gauthier as backup vocals and lyricist helpers, along with Jon Brett, a musician from Essex, who shared his wonderful voice on the track.

Aimee Clifford is also an integrative part of the show, being an assistant to Kate Reynolds, sharing her incredible voice on many songs and also providing voice-overs for various children’s books that are featured.

Jordyn Dileva is another great addition to the team. She has lent her artistic drawing talents, creating the Giggle Mat logo, all four main characters, and some of the imagery the children are delighted to see throughout the episodes.

The beauty of the show is that everyone is always evolving, and having those on the autism spectrum on The Giggle Mat crew highlights an incredible range of unique abilities and talents that are celebrated.

“It was a big goal to invite and promote the incredible literary and musical talents locally in the 519 area because there is so much diversity in our community,” said Bill. “So why not celebrate it while also spreading the love to other Canadian talents who deserve recognition too.”

As the pandemic eventually winds down and it is safe to do so, The Giggle Mat will be taking its virtual presence to real-life with bookings for birthday parties, special events and anything your heart desires, because “there’s room for us all on The Giggle Mat.”

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